Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday, A.M.

Feb 25th, Monday or 2019
Busy past weekend.  The weather is getting a little better but the wind is still pushing it.

Friday night we attended our local little theater, known as the Warehouse Theater - look it up online if you want a bit more knowledge.  They presented Little House of Horrors.  It is an off Broadway story about a plant that wants to eat people.  Singing and dancing included.
They did a really good job - most performers had a good night.  Of course in my position as chief critic of the entire world, I had a few complaints - mostly centered around my poor hearing.  My hearing aids really amplify certain noises way too much.  The Hall is not big and the sound was too loud on several occasions - especially during the singing.  Since it was all Karaoke  (not a live band in sight), they should have been able to do something.   I do not like Karaoke on stage.
Let me repeat that:  I do not like Karaoke on stage.  They should use live musicians and not a tape player or whatever device they have created since I quit learning about recordings.  Each actor had a headset microphone to "project" the sound - Projection in this small hall should not be a problem unless, of course, you have the Karaoke music turned up too loud.
moving on.
Sat. nothing.  chilly but nice day.
Sunday - we drove to Frisco and attended the memorial service for my wife's uncle Bill Whitener.  He was married to her Aunt Ollie.  They lived up in McKinney.  We didn't know till we got there that they had an actual funeral on Friday over in Rowlett.  So, Sunday they had a memorial service at 12 Noon over in Frisco.  We made the memorial service but didn't get to see him buried.  All-In-All, I think we came out ahead on this deal.  The gentleman was in his mid-80s and by all accounts a pleasure to be around.

He was on the Republican side of the spectrum (with me and his wife).  We have a dislike of people who are trying to eliminate all things South - the Confederacy.  I don't think any of us are in favor of slavery or beating up people or even having a lynching or two - That's not it.  We resent the way they are attacking the south.
I went to Canton once and bought a new American flag for my pole outside.  It was in a package.  When I tore open the package at home, it was a Confederate flag.  Since I have no need to inflame  anyone, I put it in a drawer.  Maybe 2 or 3 years later I heard that Bill (see above) was a bit put-off by the flag controversies.  So, as a joke, I mailed by Confederate flag to him.   I understand he proudly flew it ( in his backyard ).  Later, he reciprocated by sending me a new American flag.  I used it until the wind made it die.

Also as a side bit of knowledge, instead of flowers they asked for donations to donkey rescue  (  I didn't even know donkeys needed to be rescued.  Interesting website though.  I can tell you those donkeys have it easy.   It seems to me that donkeys should be spelled donkies.  It'snot!
more later.
time to eat lunch
sauerkraut with frankfurters

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