Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tue Shelby's birthday

Rain rain go away.
Wind and rain
dogs want to go outside but none of us can stand it.
My wife's aunt's husband (uncle) died on Monday.  He was lower 90s.  I think he fell.  There will be a funeral on Sunday.  It looks like we won't be able to travel there.  Our preacher had a sermon on Sunday.  I can't remember what he talked about.  I'm wondering if anyone ever remembers the point of a sermon.  He did say one thing that I remember:  We all die.

I say, thanks for that.   When you are 20 or 30, that sentence is just a sentence.  At 78 - uncle dies - it has a different meaning.  But, I shan't dwell.
Today was granddaughter Shelby's 16th birthday.  She took her driver's test and passed.   Now, she has freedom & a car.  We called to wish the Happy Birthday thing.  On the phone it was hard to get her to talk...pulling teeth comes to mind.  Why izzat?

When I was a kid, we never ever ever talked to a grandparent on our birthdays.  Frankly, my parents never had us use a long distance phone.   It was considered too expensive.   My father was somewhat of a miser.  Once in a while he would do something NOT misery.  This was always a pleasant surprise and - if given a chance - I might remember every time.

I think I will go sit in the corner and eat worms.

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