Tuesday, February 12, 2019


warming up outside.  Wind is still blowing - little less now than before
Put orange tree and pineapple plants back outside
Bought some pork chops with BBQ rub on them - should be cooked on the grill outside.   We are trying to cook inside in the oven.   So far we lack perfection.
On the Band director's yellow board website - I posted advice for the Convention Newbee  (first year teacher attending the convention - they always worry about appropriate clothing - where to eat - what clinic to attend - all the stuff  that crosses your mind when you don't want to be embarrassed)   My advice to the Newbee:   "Always check your zipper before you leave your hotel room - XYZ!"

Been There - Haven't Always done that.

I enjoyed the yearly convention once I began to attend.  Lots of good learning opportunities and some great concerts.  Mainly good band concerts to attend.  The all-state groups always excel.  My favorite concerts were the high school honor bands.   Back when I had an orchestra, I would attend the honor Orchestra concerts -they were never as "thrilling" as the bands.
I always looked for a clinic by Dr. Tim  (tim Lautzenheiser  - better check spelling on that one).  He was a good positive, funny, the whole thing - good clinician no matter the subject matter.  
We are not going this year.  It gets to be quite expensive when you can't go on your school's nickel. We always stayed in the motorhome to cut costs for the school. - they never appreciated it.  I could have gone and stayed at a 5 Star hotel and never suffered a bad word from the bosses.
So few of the people at the convention know me.  I certainly don't know them.  The booths of freebees and other advertisers - they really don't want me to come by and steal candy and cookies - Save em for the paying customers who might use the product eventually.

new subj.  Phone just rang again.  This time the machine said that Navarro college was calling me.  Now, this is not true.  Nobody at the college wants to talk to me.  I bet if I had answered, someone would be wanting to help me reduce my interest rates - or perhaps they have a condo for sale in southern Florida.  My favorite is the guy wanting to extend my car's warranty.   
later, mtz

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