Tuesday, February 12, 2019

another quickie same day

I am editing this -- The guy's name is Michael Strahan.  I looked it up on Google.                      No disrespect is meant.  I like the guy.  I think he funny and his grin is infectious.

I have been doing the ancestry thing.  I go online and look at my tree and the "hints" provided by Ancestry.  Some of these ancestry hints connect me to other people's trees.  From those I can claim their ancestors as mine.   The ancestry lines go together.
The problem is - spoil alert - I don't know what these other people did to prove the connections.  I have proved some of mine from great great grandparents - but I cannot truthfully say that everything on my tree is accurate.  I would hope it is; I just can't prove it yet.
Yesterday I was watching a recorded copy of the TV show about ancestry - public TV - "Who do you think you are?"  some title like that.   I can't remember his name - big tall (black) guy who use to be the co-host with Kelly Ripa - played NFL football (not Kelly played football, what's his name played ) when he smiles there is a big gap between his front teeth.  My brain is working as I type --- got it --- strahorn or something like that Michael Strayhorn - you know who I'm talking about.  I could go ask my wife, but that would be too easy.
After the Ancestry show took him back a few generations to slavery where records stop, his DNA was checked to see if more could be learned.  He is a rather lighter-colored black man.  They found a white guy and were able to show that the white guy was Strayhorn's (2nd?) great grandfather.  the connection I believe was made after the Civil War in east Texas when it was against the law for blacks and whites to marry.   Apparently this white guy was friendly  with the black lady.  Children were born.
Anyway, using this connection, they traced the white guy's lineage way back into Europe.  This guy was a direct descendant of Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Emperor of the West   born 742.  

The TV show creates an impressive ancestry chart for the celebrity.  As they flashed it on the screen, I froze the picture and took photos.   Later I went to my online tree and started looking.  I found an ancestor who was on Michael's tree - By using that info, I was - and am able - to show that my lineage also goes back to Charlemagne, King of the Franks and Emperor of the West,  born 742.

DISCLAIMER:  Until I am able to trace each individual on my tree back into time, I cannot swear that it is true.  But for right now, I am saying:
CHARLEMAGNE, KING OF THE FRANKS and EMPEROR OF THE WEST, Born 742 --- you are my grand daddy and Michael Strayhorn - you are my cousin (several times removed).  I wonder if he can get me a job on his TV show?  

Judy's Sunday School teacher always said:  "Never let a famous relative go to waste."
I'll be back.

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