Monday, February 11, 2019

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feb 11th

Sat. we went with our daughter Laura and hubby Tom to west Ft. Worth and Seaquest.  They had a special price for the weekend.  I suppose we spent about 2 hours walking around that place - an aquarium really with limited critters to view - You could pet some sting rays and other things.  The big ole turtle was big and old - he loved lettuce.   I'd recommend that anyone visit.  It isn't the greatest aquarium in the world - but it was fun.  Even has a pirate...
It is still raining - not hard- just wetter and wetter and wetter.  I am so tired of wet weather and wet grass.  How do people live in Seattle?  We pulled our orange tree and pineapple plant inside before the last freeze.  I am sure they would like to go back outside in some sunshine.

Went to HEB this morning.  Normally we don't go on Mondays...did this time.  It was sorta crowded but not too bad.  The best thing was the lack of screaming and running children.  the old people still got in the way tough.
This week is the TMEA convention (TX music educ. asso.)   I use to enjoy going.  You can hear a lot of good bands - music - legitimate type stuff.  It is getting so I don't know anyone at TMEA..  It was interesting to sit and chat with old friends and other directors. Now, not as many of the old people are still going.  I know it is expensive for me to go for 4 days in San Antonio.  Just the eating out every meal can break you.  Of course, we always drove the motorhome and saved a lot of money with cheaper lodging and breakfast.  [ unless you want to count the cost of owning a motorhome ]

Our motorhome is in the shop.  I broke a door on it.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.  It's only money.
Our farm to market road to town is being redone.  They are doing 2 miles at a time.  I believe there will be 6 or 8 miles done.  The road is rock now.  In the rain your car changes color to a light sloppy tan.  It will be a year before they are done and my car returns to being red.  I could wash the car - seems like a futile project to me.

rain rain go away
come again some other day
just not tomorrow.

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