Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Jan 15th

Tuesday, Jan 15th - didja think I wasn't coming back again?
Since you last didn't read, things have happened.
As you may remember, the Marauder has gone to the shop.  We have not heard anything from Rusty about the car. This makes me think he is working on higher priority cars.  Setting the priority level is the rub.  My priority is ....  The city's priority for the police car he is repairing is .... Rusty's priority for maintaining business ....  I'll survive the wait, hopefully not much longer.  The Marauder misses me.
Lest we forget, the problem may be that Rusty has ordered parts from Brazil or Peru and they are traveling by slow boat from China.  For right now, no news is good news.  Reminds me of the joke about no Gnus is good Gnus.  That's all I remember of the joke.  You can find it on Google.
Sat. was fairly uneventful, just sitting and waiting and watching TV and eating and playing ball with Oscar.  My little Sadie has shown signs of being a ball girl.  She will chase a ball and bring it back to a  SET  location - she "sets" the location, not me - giving the ball back to the pitcher has not been been learned.  

Her favorite thing is lie in waiting until Oscar rolls the ball down the hill; then, out of the shadows, a black bomber swoops in to steal Oscar's ball.  I don't think she wants the ball at all.  She just wants to steal it from Oscar and listen to him fuss.  And, he does.  And I, the parent in charge, is now thrown into the middle of the conflict.

Do all dogs have different barks for different occasions?  Oscar has a protest bark and a different bark to tell me to hurry and "throw the ball!"  Bruno has a different bark for "EAT!!!!"  He does love suppertime.  Once had a Doxie named Mandy that had a different bark when she found a snake.  I knew when I heard that sound.  She had been bit once on the nose and refused to start another one on one fight.  I miss Mandy.
Sunday was church choir - they remembered to turn on the speakers in the choir loft -  a sermon -  a few hymns  - and home to eat fajitas.   These last several days have been cold.  Cold is described as cold to me.  It is nowhere near Alaskan cold or a New Hampshire freeze.  I hear it will drop in the 20 on this coming Sunday.  Now, that should be cold in anybody's language.
Today was much better.   No sunshine.  No wind.

On Monday we drove the Motorhome to Camping World in Tyler.  It has a blemish on the exterior wall caused by my carelessness and stupidity.  They have it and will fix it.  The service guy seemed confident that it would not be a problem.  I told him about the last disaster we had when an awning was ripped off in a sand storm near Plainview a couple years back.  

Trying to bond, I asked my Camping World service writer guy if he'd ever been in a west Texas sandstorm  (cause it was a bad one).  He said, "No.  I was in one in Kuwait and it was pretty bad."

I cringed inside.  He wins.   I told him that I was glad that I missed that one.  He was a nice young man.  He even smiled pretty big at my corny jokes.   Ate at Golden Corral, stopped at K&J's for a big drink, and home by dog's suppertime.  Because that time is important to Bruno.
Took Bruno and Oscar in for the checkups last Friday.   They have an ear problem of course.  Now we have Scheduled Bruno an appointment to have two back teeth removed. They are cracked in half.
If it ain't one thing, it's another.
I dropped the Flex off at the Ford House.  They gave me a new Explorer to drive until the Flex is ready.  This loaner has 1764 miles on it and smells really nice.  The window sticker shows $43,567  price.  For you, I will sell it for  $43,999.50.  What a deal.   Or, what a deal?

My son-in-law had a bottle of stuff fall off a shelf and hit his ear.  Next morning, some blood showing on the inside of ear.   Doctor visit.  It apparently broke his ear drum.  Medicine.  See if it heals in 2 weeks.  If not, go to Ear doctor.

I always say Karma at this point.  But, I really think it is "jes becuz"
more later,

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