Monday, January 28, 2019

Jan 28

Jan 28
fairly uneventful day - weather nicer in the morning - some front is coming through and the lake is starting to get up.
I had my yearly dermatologist appt. today.  This doctor has kids who go to Tech and is a real Tech person.  Pictures of Tech things all over his waiting room and so forth.   And truly he seems like a really nice guy - happy, joyful, smiles, gives good answers.
Results from today are that I am fine.  Go back in another year.  I do hate to go to a doctor and remove clothing.  I never was Adonis - even less so today
I played ball with Oscar three times today - never enough - He is ready to go again but that brisk wind keeps me more interested in watching TV.
speaking of that:  we have a process around here.  it happens every night.  No variety.
Dogs eat sometime between 4 and 5.
I eat near 6 - usually leftovers - what did we have for lunch yesterday?  That is supper tonight.  So green chile stew is up for tonight.  I like green chile stew.  My computer spell check thinks it should be green chili stew - but, that is not correct.  This is a pork stew with green chiles in it.  So, Mr. Spell Check,  you don't know everything!!!
After I eat, Bruno commences to bark one or two times in sequence.  He is sending me a message.  I get up and give them all some type of a doggie chew treat.  Actual hard Chew sticks come at Noon.  Supper treats are lesser, but - in Bruno's mind - still terrific.  The treat is gone;  I refill my tea glass and announce, "Let's go to the pit."  
Off we go to the dog pit  ( I've covered this previously ) We have an area about 20 x 15 with a 6+ high fence around it.  That is where we go at night to purge our systems - well, actually, W E  don't purge, the dogs do.  With bobcats, snakes, and other critters about, I prefer to keep them within arms length when it gets black & dark out back.   When they go to the pit, they know why we are there.
Sadie does her business and the two boys follow along to baptize whatever she left behind.   Bruno will then look for other appropriate spaces to water.

Okay, the pit is done.  Back inside we go.  I say, "Let's watch T V."   Sadie runs for the living room and climbs on the couch.  I sit beside her & help Bruno up.  Oscar either wants help or he will take the doggie stairs to the couch.

My wife and I share some program or two while the pups nap on the couch.  Eventually, Oscar will get down and lay on the hard floor in front of the couch.  Sadie will climb down the stairs and find a cushion.  Bruno has to jump off the couch to find a cushion.  Bruno is afraid to go up or down the stairs.  He just can't handle it.

We watch T V for a while and eventually I retire to the computer room followed by 3 faithful dogs.  Sadie does like to get back on the couch and sleep for a couple of hours. . . I love it when a dog rolls over and sleeps on its back.  Sadie loves back sleeping with her tiny legs sticking straight up.

Something that has been eating on me all day.  I heard two guys on the radio doing a pro-mo for their tomorrow radio show - early radio guys on 820 AM.    One of them starts talking and ends the sentence with "from you and I."    That usage of the King's English drives me insane.  Is it so hard to learn to say "from you and me?"    I'm sure I have some language things that drive others off the wall - well, tough.
enough for tonight.
almost have my taxes figured for 2018.  Waiting for a couple of forms to arrive.
Y'all take care.

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