Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sat., 19th

this is a pot pouring blug:

1.    I was outside with my little dog Sadie, when - as I often do - I decided to call her by the wrong name:  "Shady.  C'mon Shady."  Sometimes I call her "Satan" and other times "Aady."  as in Lady without the L.  Sometimes I just call her to come eat.
I don't know why, but my brain thought of Addie -- Addie Meltabarger, clarinet Ardmore  and her little sister Brenda Meltabaarger.
I says, I wonder where the Meltabarger girls are now?  Married?  20 kids?  Brain surgeons?  
They were sweet girls - some students I remember as sweet - and others as rotten,  Then there were the Odell brothers - a different breed in itself...intelligent...they rode the horse of a different color.    I think of others off and on.  
 I received my Best Buy Credit Card Statement today.  I have not bought anything from Best Buy since (I think) June.  

This statement showed that I bought:  (I quote from statement):
Promotional Purchase    ......    $328.49
Apparently I got a good deal because I have 6 months, interest free to pay it off.
I only pay $27 per month required.  Of course, If it is not paid in 6 months, they will charge 27.49% interest from the date of purchase.
The only problem is that I did not make the original purchase.
I went online and looked to see what I bought.  There it was.
Nintendo - Switch 32 GB Console Gray Ivy - only $328.49.
Why would I buy a Nintendo Switch?  What is a Nintendo Switch?
Where did I buy it:  Store?  Online?  Telephone?
If it were bought mailorder, where did Best Buy mail it?  It never got here.
I have written them a letter.  It goes into the mail tomorrow morning.  This is just one more of those things
that I do not need right now in my life.  Would you?
In closing, do you know anyone who got a new Nintendo Switch on Dec. 13th?
Hey, it may have been Santa Claus stocking up for Christmas morning.

3.    Our homeowners organization had our yearly meeting this morning.  It droned on for about 3 hours.  I was fortunate to escape without being elected to an office.  If things calm down around here, I may try to get elected to something next year.    The meeting was highlighted by 3 men (not officers) no, make that 4 men, who kept talking and talking loudly so we reached no decisions, final decisions on anything.  Some people seem to talk just to hear their heads rattle.   
          Note:  this is totally not related to people who write on blogs just to hear their fingers type.
closing now.
 4.   almost.  got the Marauder back from the shop - no cost - check engine light quit burning in time to save me money.  Flex is still in the shop.  My loaner Explorer is getting dirty.
now, closing.


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