Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Jan 2

January 2nd of 2019 is winding down.  My dogs are in bed except Greta, of course, who is waiting to follow me into the bedroom.  We had rain all day.  It wasn't hard rain, just rain.  The rain gauge shows about 1 3/4 inches for today.  Miserably cold wind from the north raining down on my parade.  But, overall it was a pretty good day.  Pizza for lunch and left overs for supper.  What a way to go.

I have installed all of my 2019 calendars - the Daily Calendar of Dachshunds setting on my printer, the wall calendar of dachshund puppies hanging on the door, and the weekly desk calendar of dachshunds on the kitchen cabinet.  You can't have too many Doxies.

Mail was rotten today - lots of advertisements and special offers to avoid.   $10 for a yearly subscription to Saturday Evening Post.  Another $10 for a magazine about long ago - Americana.   I believe that I related how we went to the motorhome and winterized it over the weekend.  I thought you'd like to know that I have not heard from the EPA YET.

We didn't make it to town today...HEB will just have to wait to rake in our dough.  With the weather as it is and living in the wilderness, it is best that we stay home in this weather.  I did drive up and get the mail - Karma hit again - the "check engine" light is on.  I figure we'll take the car into the shop on Tuesday.  Why push it?

My wife showed me a text from the Navarro County people.  It was a list of - give or take - 20 different Farm to Market roads in our county which are under water.  US Hwy 287 has water over the southbound lane at one point.  We are taking in a lot of water.  It's wet out there.

I record stuff on my TV box.  Eventually, I get around to watching the programs.  Today I watched "Christmas at the Kranks" for the first time ever.  That show could make you nervous waiting for the next disaster.  But we kids watched it until the very end.  When it was over, I deleted it and returned to regular TV to catch the end of an episode of Last Man Standing.  Tim is in both shows.  So there.

Earlier we watched an episode of Monk where he is an assistant basketball coach.  He has a whistle which he blows and blows.  At this moment, my little Sadie popped her head up and started watching TV.  The whistle got to her.  I love to watch Monk.

see ya soon

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