Friday, January 4, 2019

Jan 4

Jan. 4th.
Today was going-to-town day.  The rain has stopped;  The sun was bright and beautiful.  There was virtually no wind.   Temperature was in lower 60s.   Nice.
We went to town.  Busy town day:  paid water bill; went by ATT store to ask a question; Walmart to find some necessaries including a new light bulb for our freezer; ate lunch at CiCi's;  dropped by Gilfillan's to order a new filter for my furnace - why does my furnace take a special size (?); ended the outing at HEB where we purchase more food than we need - didn't say want - just need.   As I explained to the spouse, when you're 78, you should be able to have what you want - if it doesn't kill you too fast.
Home - played with dogs - ate leftovers for supper - watched TV - enjoyed a show about the "Wrecking Crew," a TV special about Los Angeles musicians.
The EPA still hasn't found me.  My car's check engine light is still lit.
Before I start this next bit - a little disclaimer.   I am not a Vegan.  I know people who are.  I don't care what they do about food.  It is none of my business.  I do know what I cannot imagine eating.  I am not trying to make fun of others.  If you read this correctly, you will see that I am making fun somewhat of myself and my eating preferences.  Try to see it that way.
Yesterday's newspaper brought a flyer from Aldi's.  One page was devoted to products by Earth Grown.  they called them burgers.  I believe these are foot patties which you thaw and cook up to make veggie burgers.  What got to me was the products in the different patties.   Each package was 10 oz in size.  Here we go.
Black Bean chipotle or Veggie Burger --- Flame Grilled Vegan Soy Protein burger --- Teriyaki or Sriracha Baked Tofu --- Mushroom risotto or Lentil Veggie Burger ---- Asian or Thai Veggie burger ---- Meatless jumbo Hot Dog or Italian Sausage --- buffalo or BBQ chickenless patties --- Chickenless Patties or Tenders --- Meatless Meatballs --- Beefless crumbles or chickenless strips ----- Spaghetti with meatless sauce or Quinoa mix with meatless strips ---- Vegan Mozzarella Style Shreds ---- 
I don't know what to say.  In jewelry we have faux diamonds.   Instead of meatless meatballs, why not just say faux meatballs?  Again, it doesn't hurt me.  It must make someone feel better.  Aldi must like it.  The company is known as Earth Grown - somehow that just me feel like they feel as if  they are saving the Earth.  Just guessing.  

As this blog goes on, more food will be discussed.  I am fairly sure it won't be Vegan.  There is  an old joke about the definition of A Vegan = Bad Hunter.

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