Friday, January 18, 2019

January 18th

Jan 18
some days it is easier to write.  My attitude at the time reflects what I do.
Yesterday (17th) Bruno had 2 teeth removed - molars.  He is on soft food for the next 7-10 days.  I can tell you that being on soft food is wonderful.  There is nothing better than soft food unless it is piece of meat which has fallen off the lunch table.  Doc said that he handled everything great.
While Bruno was doing his thing, my wife pointed out that little Greta was doing a funny cough.  It was a funny wheezy cough.  I recognized right away that it was not a passing thing.  I called the vet and we went in at 2:30 (got to take Bruno home when we left - he was happy to leave - still had the tail tucked under, but glad to leave).
Greta exam followed by tests - showed that her heart has doubled in size and water was on the right lung.  She is a 9 lb dog  so you can imagine the normal size of the heart is pretty small to begin with.  There is not much room in that little body for much else.
We have pills for her and a liquid.  One is to help her heart work better;  the other is to help drain the excess water off.  She is 18 + a couple of months.  The doctor doesn't give much hope for her heart to continue working for more than 3 to 6 months.  We'll see.  I will hate to lose something that has been part of my life for 18 years.  If she declines too much, we will have to take her back in.
I purposely made that "Stone" a bit short.  I could have droned on for several paragraphs.  It is painful to see anything suffer or be hurt.  We'll see how it goes.
Yesterday was my oldest brother's birth date.  He died several years ago from diabetes complications.  His daughter asked that we share stories (stones) about him and his doings.  Maybe I can come back to that when I am not quite as sad.
more tomorrow.
cold front coming in
temperatures said to be in the 20s.  That is cold for us.
gonna build a fire in the living room.

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