Friday, January 25, 2019

25th day of January

Jan 25 - long, long, long week has just passed.
We have spent in excess of $2500 on dogs - I don't begrudge this spending because it was all necessary - well if you are a bit human and love your animal.
Bruno had 2 teeth removed.
Greta was discovered with an enlarged heart (heart murmur they call it)
Yesterday, Greta got up about 6 a.m. - went to the pit and did her necessaries supervised by the wife.  She walked around for a while - ate nothing - laid down in the middle of the kitchen floor and quit breathing.  We knew it was coming, just not the when.
My wife had a haircut in the morning.  I dropped her off at the place and took Greta to the vet to start the cremation process.  As of this moment, I have yet to have a "good cry" that she is gone - I know, I know, it isn't manly to have a good cry.  Maybe this is because I saw how much she was suffering with the enlarged heart and the wheezing and the cough  and the complete lack of appetite.

side note:  I would put a pill in the middle of a tiny bit of frankfurter.  Greta would take that piece and eat it right down - then, no more eat.  I would like to think she knew what was happening.  I would like to think this.  Please don't ruin my illusion.

Bruno returned to the vet this morning to have a gander at the stitches.  He got a good bill of health and can now go back on dry food.  I can tell you that he doesn't want to go back on dry food.  That canned dog food must be really tasty.  I know we ALL love the aroma.

We got the Flex back yesterday.  They installed a new camera in the back - actually, I would imagine that it was a camera module replacement.  It sorta works [ at least the camera picture is no longer upside down ]. 

I don't know anymore about this than I shall recite.  We were sent a text yesterday while we were in town that police were all over our area and to not open our doors to anyone in a white truck.  How do you spell Omminubuss?   Spel chec says "ominous."  
Or in the language of  the Hippy:   "Heavy Man, Heavy."   We decided to have a subway sandwich on the way home.  With that done we slowly motored the route.  On the way we met a couple of police cars and a big black machine that looked like an armored car - let's think SWAT team.

They are working on the main road to our housing development.  Workmen are everywhere including one at our HOA's main entrance.  I stopped and got our mail - then I walked over to the workguy and asked questions about the excitement that we missed.  He seemed to know most everything.   One of our neighborhood men went off the deep end - weapons - barricaded eventually - possible threat of suicide - I don't know which neighbor, but I have a pretty good idea.  Yes, this concept is scary. 

We had a home owners meeting this past weekend - with this guy in the room with all of us.  What if he had lost it at that time?  There might be a lot of black arm bands  and  houses for sale today.

I have heard nothing else.  I have asked nobody anything else.  Gossip is not my thing.  Not True:  I like some gossip.  I flagged down my neighbor (ex-policeman).   I found out that the neighbor only knew what I knew -  it seems he stopped and asked the workguy at the front like I did.   This guy could have made a fortune selling information.

The bonkers guy was taken to a hospital for observation.  I do hope that he recovers quickly and things improve for him.   I worked in a mental health hospital in Dallas for a few months several years ago.  It was quite an experience which I believe helped me to get my head screwed back on a little better.  

Band directors have a website run by a guy - they call it a Yellow Board.   This week, a first year teacher / band director wrote that he had just been informed that he would not be renewed for next year.  That means he will be fired at the end of the year.  His posting was depressing - full of sadness and sorrow.  How will he ever find another position if he is fired?   All is lost.  He even wrote something about this being the end and not being able to cope ... you get the picture.  I read it as leaning a bit towards suicidal.  Postings are anonymous so nobody knows who wrote it.

Immediately other directors responded with helpful ideas - see doctor - how to find new job - you want to get out of that toxic environment anyway -  etc.   I suggested he consider returning to school for another degree or even a change in his major.  New beginning.  Ended up trying to say that this is not the end of the world - just a set back.   I do hope this young band director gets it figured out properly.   

I did know a band director who was nervous with major problems coping.  He was in a terrible school - the band sounded like a train wreck - he had inherited this program (not his fault).  It made me so nervous just to be a positive person.   This guy eventually committed suicide.  Such a waste.  I've known two female directors who left their jobs in the 1st couple of months and were put in hospitals.  Nothing is worth going crazy over - find a new path - move on - there is always a better something out there.  I won't talk about the students I knew who did suicide or tried.  Young minds have a problem processing what should and shouldn't be.

I will pause now.  I'm sure this posting has been a real JOY to read.    We are down to 3 dogs:  Oscar, Bruno, & Sadie.  At our age, to add any more dogs would probably be foolish.  Oscar & Bruno (the twins) will be 10 in another month.  Sadie turned 3 last month.  If Sadie lives to be 13 (10 more years), my wife & I will be 88 years old.  If she makes it to 18 like Greta, we would be 93.  It makes you stop and think - or at the most,  JUST STOP.

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