Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sun., 6th

Jan 6 - sunday
Slept late - while preparing to eat breakfast my wife had a problem with her glasses.  The lens fell out.  I dug out my small screw drivers and tried to repair.  I just couldn't make the screw work in the side.   Finally, in despair, I agreed to take the glasses to a real repair person.

After a delightful lunch of Green Chile Stew - off we went to Walmart.  As my wife talked to the eye glass people I took the opportunity to check out Clearance Christmas items - 75% off.   Not much there for the taking.

The repair person said the screw was stripped.  She installed a very very tiny nut and bolt.  It is not too cool looking - most folks would never be able to see it. 

Played ball with the dog.   Little Sadie was walking around the yard looking up at the trees.  She was so wanting to see a squirrel.  It is hard to be a Barker if their is nothing to bark at.  She seemed happy just pacing under the trees looking skyward.  Alas. no squirrels.  Alas, no bark.   Tomorrow will be better.
From my fortune cookie yesterday at the Canton Chinese restaurant:
"Do not seek so much to find the answer as much as to understand the question better."'
BJs cookie:
"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thin, you're right"

Maybe tomorrow will bring more than a satisfying bark.

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