Friday, January 1, 2021

Stimulated ?

     Received our stimulus check January 1, 2021.   It posted to my bank account.  I feel stimulated.  For many I feel it is too little, too late.  For some, me thinks it might be too much, too too.  I plan to pay bills.  Many have suggested that it be used to book a space on the next shuttle to Mars.  

When yours comes, try to not spend it all in one place.  Spread the wealth.  Remember your elders.

Ate my ham and black eyed peas for lunch.  I am ready for the new year.  Now if I can only find out how to get the virus vaccine in my arm, all would be better.  

The rains have stopped.  In two days we received 7 and a quarter inches.  That is not to be sneezed at.  My heart (sympathy) goes out to the west Texans who received snow  ...  especially the children.  They were already out of school and won't receive any extra snow day vacations.  Pity.

luv ya,


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