Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Our Glorious Day Has Come

See the title above:  

Should it be "Has Come"  or  (based upon Christmas song) "Is Come?"  Our Day Is Come.  "Joy to the World, the Lord is come..."   Not important right now.  You decide.

Tonight at 8 p.m., my wife and I get our 1st Covid shots.  The day has finally arrived.  Give me another week or so, and I will be going around hugging everyone at Walmart.

I did have this thought.  When a person has received his 2nd shot and is 95% protected - when that happens, why wear a mask?  I realize you wear the mask to protect others from you.  The mask rarely saves the wearer.  That's what I've been told.

So, I have come up with a plan.  After you receive your 2nd shot, they tattoo the word "SAFE" across your forehead.  Maybe there is a better word.   "I've had my shot."  That seems a bit long for a forehead tattoo.  As an alternative, people wear a blue ribbon on their shirts after they have had the shots.   Gonna change that to a red ribbon.  Red stands out more and can be seen by the normal human.  (pink is already taken)

Or we could each carry a little flag with the picture of  a needle on it.  No, dummy.  Not a sewing needle.  The hypodermic Needle.   Maybe the picture could have a few drops of liquid squirting out.  

You cannot get some people to wear masks, so I don't think giving them a needle flag would work.

When I was a Freshman at Tech, my fraternity required me to wear a little green beanie.  People who don't take shots could wear a green hat.  Ya don't like that one?  The possibilities are endless.  Wouldn't you love to be on the jury when that green hat one came to the courthouse.    They would equate it to Jews having to wear a gold star in Germany during WWII.  Yessir!  That would be a fun time in the old court room tonight.


Subject #2:  The wind won't quit blowing.


Subject #3:  My daughter Laura (bless her heart) has 6 boxes of Grape Nuts for me.  We are working out an agreement on delivery or me picking them up.  6 boxes will last me for 6 weeks unless my wife starts eating them daily.   Ya never know.  It could happen.  After she order the cereal from Walmart dot com, her store started stocking the cereal again.  

I'm tellin' you.  When the stores started stocking toilet paper again, it was a wonderful day in the neighborhood.  And, now, Grape Nuts.


One Final Subject #4:  In the beginning of all of this, there was a report that dogs can get and spread the disease.   Originally, I figured this report was started by the CAT lobby.  Those people have no morals.  

Can a dog be protected with a shot?  I can tell you that my Bruno is getting real tired of wearing a mask when he goes to the dog park to smell other dog's ....   There is a group of people who are now coming out suggesting that it is the USA's duty to vaccinate other countries.  I believe the shots should be kept at home for America, America, God shed his grace on thee.   Is it really our responsibility to give shots to all the people in Brazil or Italy?  


Your turn.  See ya later.


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