Thursday, January 21, 2021

Grape nuts

 My whole family is looking for Grape Nuts for me.  I have had calls and texts.  It was in the news that Post is having problems keeping up with the demand.  Why?

I looked on Amazon.  They have Grape Nuts.   $15 a box.   plus s&h.   If my family in Lubbock finds Grape Nuts, they would have to be mailed.  That would make their cost about $15 a box too.  Not a good idea.  Even for a pitiful, dottering old man, not a good idea.

At $15 a box, I'll continue to eat dry Cheerios and a small glass of orange juice for breakfast.  If someone could corner the market on Grape Nuts, they could get wealthy - at least until the govt. decided to impose new regulations.  I think it may be a commie plot.  The dems will blame Trump.


Speaking of the mice inside my Flex's engine compartment eating wires -- my repair guy says that he believes it is field RATS doing the damage, not mice.   He described them being so big  (hands held 8 inches apart) and with little short tails.  It sounds like I need to carry a machine gun with me when I go outside at night.  Kill them varmints.

Let's do an aside here:  Varmints  vs. varmits.  Which is correct?  My spell check puts the "n" inside the word.  No self-respecting cowpoke would pronounce the "n."   

"I've got ya covered.  You varmints stand against that wall and shuck your weapons real slow like."  

Var-MENTS.  I just can't see it.  

Grape Nuts has an N.  You can plainly see it.   "Gimme a bowl of Grape Uts."  Nope.  That would never do.   Put an N in Grape Nuts and take it out of Varmits.

Time for a big glass of Lemon flavored Lipton Ice Tea Mix (see a previous blog about Raspberry and Peach teas).  When will it end?  When will it all end?

see ya.


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