Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Covid Shmovid (Shot)

 Remember the old song:  "Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?"

My question:  Oh where, oh where has my covid shot gone?"  Corsicana is apparently is awash  in     "no-information available."  That may seem backwards / contradictory  - -

Being awashed in the lack of information  / awash in Nothing.  This past week, off and on, I have called phone numbers that I could find.  Nobody seems to know nuthin'.  Or if somebody does know sumpin', he is hiding it from folks, the common everyday public.

Examples:  I called the Corsicana health dept - phone number in the book - all I get is a fax machine.  You'd think, over time, somebody would notice that.  You'd think.

I called the Navarro Regional Hospital - nice lady operator - she know nuthin'.  Based upon what I think she said, people (just regular folks) are calling her and giving her information about where the covid shots are NOT available.

Our CVS does not have a phone number in the book - found it on the Net.   Their prerecorded message says that they have no shots available.

But, we see people lined up in cars on TV - all getting shots.  Every newscast, we see more images of cars lining up in some vacant lot - people getting shots. 

I called my doctor's office - his phone person transferred our call to the hospital without telling me what she was doing.  Yep, she didn't want to talk about it.

I called the Navarro County health dept.  they have a lot of numbers to press.  I finally just picked one that sounded a bit like "seniors" and got his machine.  I left a message asking them to help the public to learn what was happening.

I called the local paper.  Talked to a guy.  He passed info on to the Editor (based upon reading the paper, I didn't know anyone was editing that thing).  I suggested that a small daily column be dedicated to information on getting the shots.  He thought that seemed like a good idea.  Am I crazy here or shouldn't a journalist think about this on his own?  Just wonderin'?

I do have the county judge's personal email.  I wounder if he could stir things up.  Bothering a judge does seem like a wrong way to do this.

So, what did I learn today.  Nobody knows what is going on and if they do, they are not telling the general public -- and, I am the general public.

Now, let's see, where is the Governor's home phone number again?


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