Sunday, January 3, 2021

Stimulated addendum

 Yes, this is an addendum to my previous bluggy regarding my stimulus check -- You may notice the sub-title at the bottom of this:  "Why IZZIT????"   Yes (repeated), why izzit  ("is it" = "izzit" for those from a foreign land) that I get a stimulus check from my government, and, automatically, I must spend it on unforeseen problems.  Why Izzit?

I have a 2003 Mercury Marauder that I love.  I bought it new and have put 170,000 + miles on it.  It is probably the most beautiful  Mercury ever built.   Of late, I have quit driving it as much.  For the past 3  years or so, it barely gets 1000 miles of use per year.  That's not much folks.  If I drive into town and back, maybe I will add 30 miles to the odometer.  Maybe.

Eventually, this car will be a classic that people will want to own.  It is coming up on 20 years of age soon.  We left town once for a week(this car stayed in our driveway).  While we were gone, some big lake birds decided to camp out on the Merc.  Now there are smudged white bird droppings that seem to have eaten into the black paint.  It is my plan to have the car detailed - paint buffed - waxed thickly - and new dark plastic installed on the windows.  It is a bit pitiful right now.  Sad, for such a good car.

My plan has been to drive it weekly - up and down the highway for a few miles.  Then, the Marauder is parked for another week.  So far, so good - WAIT!! - until last week.  My car wouldn't start.  Grind as I might - recharge the battery and grind away again - it won't start.  I pulled my Flex up and used the jumper cables.  Still, no life in the engine.

In the past we  have had wild critters get into our engine compartments and eat away at the wires.  Maybe?

Obviously, it is going to the shop.

I live in the country.  I will have to tow the Marauder into town.

I have one of the best mechanics anywhere when it comes to my Fords/Mercury.  Rusty Dilliago.  Rusty used to be the top service guy at the old Ford house - and before that the Lincoln-Mercury dealer.  He understands cars and (until recently) he has been very reasonably priced.  I hope he remains the same.

Monday, I will talk to Rusty and have the car towed into town.  That should be cheap.

Is that all?  Of course it isn't.  I expect to have a new battery installed.  Rusty will install only the best.   {He has approached me over the years to sell the car to him.  He will want the car to have the best available battery.}

Is that all?  Of course it isn't.   A couple of weeks ago - out driving it on the back road - I suddenly hear this loud whapping sound.  Slowing to 40 mph, the whapping stopped.  Back at home, an inspection I did ... couldn't find a thing.  I did not climb under the car.  Don't cha think an 80 yr old with bad knees shouldn't be squirming underneath a big ole' black car.   But, I should have.  Yep, should have.

As I was walking one of my kids to their car as they left after Christmas, I saw something hanging off the front tire - inside the front tire.   I reached and grabbed.  It was a tire cord coming out of the tire.  The tires are 6 years old and set in the sun all day.  Their days are numbered.  The left front tire has reached that magical number. 

So, thank you Mr. Government for my stimulus check.  My Marauder appreciates your thoughtfulness.

Mtz, the cursed (and rightfully so - I have not always been nice - karma strikes again)

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