Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Upper (Vs. a downer)

 I really don't try to write things that are depressing ( downers ).  Hopefully, folks realize that my downers are my way of making fun of situations. I wrote my "downer" yesterday.


Interestingly (to me, of course) Rush hit on this subject today.  He was explaining how professional radio personalities try to hide how they are feeling while on the air.  You listen to a disc jockey on the radio, he is always happy and ready to go.  Sure, I have heard talk show hosts who yell at callers.  I think that is their way of getting people to call in to their show.  And, some of their callers really are morons.  Rush always seems to be upbeat.  Even when politics don't go his (our) way, he seems to put a nice twist to it.


So if any of my stuff is depressing, try to find the good hidden away.  It is hard to be always happy and cheerful.  I fail miserably at times.


Let's take dogs for instance. . . . maybe even cats and horses and pigs and pigeons.  I have never seen a dog that was depressed.  I'll take that back. Once in a while you hear of a pet who goes to the grave site and curls up on top of the grave, despondent looking.  On TV you see advertisements for charities who show dogs that are mistreated or scared - certain commercials.  That's not fair though.  You give a dog a meal and a  bed and love, they are always happy.  SQUIRREL!!!    I don't think they know how to be sad.

As I was writing this, I looked down to see my little Sadie sitting there looking up into my eyes.  I stopped and picked her up.  As always she curled up on me and rammed her head under my chin, pushing to get just a bit closer.  I loved her and talked sweetly.  It lasted about 5 minutes, and she was ready to go.  Go!  Somewhere.  That little girl knows how to cuddle.  I've accused her of doing it just to soften me up.  No doubt, she is good at this.  We all have our strong suits.  Cuddle up on my lap:  that's something you cannot do with a horse.


Now, now, now - a response to yesterdays downer.  When we checked out at our HEB grocery store  yesterday, they gave my wife a card.  "You could win a $100 gift card."  Just fill out a survey to maybe win.  I did the survey this afternoon.  It had a place to list what I am unable to find at the store.  No doubt, they must have heard my whines or read my bluggy.  I jumped on this chance to list Grape Nuts.  GRAPE NUTS.  I NEED GRAPE NUTS.  Now, I feel that I have done something to make our world a better place to live.  I am such a giving person.


Speaking of giving: In today's mail, a letter from some group known as the "INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIANS AND JEWS."  They are out of Washington DC or Chicago.  Fundraising. They say:  "Urgent:  Help feed elderly Jews struggling to survive."  On the surface that seems like a good thing - doesn't it?  Inside their writings, we find they are trying to get your money to feed - ready? - the Holocaust Survivors struggling to survive in the former Soviet Union.    

I was born in 1940.  WWII ended in 1945,  If I am 80 years old - and I am - a Holocaust survivor has to be my age or older.  True Holocaust individuals had a terrible life.  If a newborn was locked up at age of one, how old are we talking about?  Holocaust survivors living in Russia.  That would be the socialist republic of USSR.  Socialism is not taking care of them?  That's a question.  Maybe this is a legitimate fund raiser.  Beats me.  They say that $25 will "fill a Pantry for 1 Jew for one month."  Cynic.  That's me.  Is this a downer?  Think I will send my money to the Cancer folks or the Methodist Children's Home in Waco.


okay.  sorry.   this was not a fun blog tonight.

I will try harder in the future.  It is the void of Grape Nuts that is getting me down.  Keep in mind, one box of Grape Nuts will feed a surviving band director for one week.


:)   😉

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