Saturday, January 16, 2021

downer (for me)

 This edition is a downer for me.  I am so down.  

Last week I took my 2003 Mercury Marauder (had it towed for $95) to the shop.  The guy has always been fair and fast with his work.   One week later, it was ready for $733.  Fuel pump had quit - plus it needed a new battery.  The battery really was week.  It would only crank the engine for 3 or 4 minutes before dying.

;I picked up the car and drove to the tire place where my front 2 tires were replaced.  There was a cord hanging out of the left front tire...flapping as the tire rotated.   The tires were about 7 years old.  They were bad.   Long story shorter, my total cost for the repair and tires went over $1000.   No 2003 car should have a thousand dollar bill.  Thanks to the government for my stimulus check.  I did stimulate somebody.

Today, I started my 2014 Ford Flex - it vibrated as I backed it out of the driveway.   The check engine light came on an started blinking.   We drove to town and attended our annual Home Owners Asso. meeting.  It was terrible.  Fussing, fuming, disagreements, people attending via zoom - they never could understand everything and talked constantly.  That was 3 hours and 25 minutes I will never get back.

So, the first of the next week, I'll call the repair guy and take the car to him.   I'm starting to feel another thousand dollar repair bill.  How am I suppose to get out of debt, if things like this keep happening?  I do have a solution, but it will wait until a later date.

Fussing is over.  Y'all have a better day than I have had.


p.s.  send money.  start me one of those internet accounts where foolish people send money because you have a sad story.   If you can recruit enough cash, I'll just buy a new car.   A Rolls Royce perhaps.

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