Sunday, August 16, 2020

What's on your Refrigerator

This seems to be a good subject for everyone to share.  If you don't mind, under the comment section, tell us what you have "pinned"  to your refrigerator.  I'd betcha we could almost guess what is there depending upon your age.  Gonna try this one with just black print - what do you think?

That Refrig is a fabulous piece of equipment.  It "just" sets there chuggin' away 24 hours a day pullin' the heat out of food and distributing it in your kitchen.  The freezer section gives you Bricks of meat and veggies and, more importantly, ice cream, laying in wait to quiet some future hunger spasm.  Our refrigerator was purchased new from Sears in May of 2008.  Other than a couple of minor problems (ice maker mostly), it has been a jewel.  

In my mind there is a problem with the water filter.  About $50 is the cost to replace the filter about twice a year.  On Amazon I found replacement filters made by some China person which were below half price.  Those were snatched up - 3 in a package.  I should have read the comment section.  It seems these Chinese filters are a tiny millimeter smaller than the original equipment.  The filter works fine; but when it comes time to change it, I have to get channel locks to grip the fool thing.  You get what you pay for.

Now, since we are grandparents, what is on our refrigerator?  Try to guess.  (pause) (pause)

How did you do with the guessing?  While you sitting there pondering, I went into the kitchen and made me a big, tall glass of unsweetened tea...doctored with phony sugar replacement.  The computer "spell check" just taught me not to say:  "unsweet."  It told me I must write "unsweetened" tea.  Now, who'd a thunk?  That must be important in the literary world.  Back to the refrigerator.

I am old enough that I can remember not having a refrigerator.  Mom put a little sign in the window and a guy delivered ice to the door.  It went into an icebox.   This  didn't happen much in my life, but enough to remember it.  Dad got a refrigerator fast.  It was about 5 foot tall, rounded on the edges with one door and a small ice compartment.  One of my first memories was climbing on a chair - about age 9 - and looking at the kitchen clock to see if my 30 minute music practice time had expired.  I started early on my horn - but that is a STONE better saved for later.

[Note: For those who are a bit slow - or who have a duck tape fetish - everything on our refrig has a magnet in order to stick to the metal front ]  Here we go:   On the right refrigerator door we have:

1.)  6 inch wood ruler hand painted with little red strawberries;  2.) New England Quilt Museum sticker;  3.) 4x4" black velvet, hand colored with pink butterfly & hearts {perhaps by a grand girl?};  4.) a large (4x12) dry erase board printed with the birthdays of immediate family - help us remember;  5.)  elephant with top hat colored in political colors;  6.) Two bon appetit charts showing measurement equivalents.

On the left door we have:  1.) a kitchen conversion chart from Coldwell Banker;  2.) Two geometric designed card-boards hand colored by someone of importance; 3.) cloth polka dot kitten doll;  4.) an empty hook - waiting for?;  5.) sewing machine model  with the word's: "Grandmas fill the World with Love;"  6.) short hair red dachshund standing on a  7.) small model of a piece of Hershey Special Dark Chocolate;  8.)  a fat cat holding a plate of good eats with the words:   "Chocolate is not just for breakfast anymore!"

Down at the very bottom of the left door - dog's eye level - is a 8 inch black dog paw print with the word:  "WOOF" inscribed - beside it another doxie magnet.  As the grand girls grew up, we have had fewer beautiful drawings to post.  Our own children's art work has either been lost or packed away in the garage.

There you go.   As they say on TV,  "But Wait..."

Our refrig has a 2nd surface open to trinkets.  1.) sticker:  Grandparents are Love;  2.) Magnetic hook holding (a) a hot pepper bottle opener; (b) tiny measuring spoons with "dash, smidgen, & pinch" engraved;  (c) strawberry key ring; (d) a more ornate tiny meas. spoons with same words;  3.) plastic  elephant; 4.) small hook decorated with a pink bunny holding a strawberry key ring; (5.) Big strawberry hot pad; 6.)  hot pad with "Brenda's kitchen" on it;  7.) magnet with ""chocolate makes everything better;"  8.) ceramic elephant with great trunk;  9.) magnet: I (heart) my Dachshund;  10.) poster says:  "I love you grandpa;"  and FINALLY   11.) A small removable packet which unfolds titled: life saving first aid.  

I'm sure that if someone cuts a finger or takes poison, I will stop and read their instructions.

While I think this is a good subject, it got a bit tedious towards the end.   I do like seeing what people keep on their refrigerators.  It is a peek into their thoughts.

mtz, the ponder-er-er-er-er

p.s.  while this was bloggy was being typed, I pondered the words "laying vs. lying"    (see paragraph #2 above).  I believe I am right.  An inanimate object is laying (on the surface) while an animate object (you,me,dog,cat) is lying down (on the bed).  All of this is good.  But, then, why does a chicken (animate object) "LAY" an egg???  Not going to look on google.  I'll carry this question with me forever until I get bored at some future family gathering.   

now, good-bye


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