Tuesday, August 11, 2020

medical and stupidity and rambles

 I have to admit - I don't always understand certain things, and I have a bit of a problem figuring some things out.   Well, now, that's not totally true.  Computer stuff just DRIVES me batty.  (the old joke is:  "bet it is a short putt" - DRIVES me - short PUTT - do I have to explain all of these?)

So today, with their new format - I am using Hover.com if anyone cares to know  - with the new format I saw that I had a couple of comments.  And by using my own brain and trying every button on the screen, I figured out how to see the comments.  Stay with me now.   This is the very first time that I have ever read the comments on my blog.  That could be a tad hard to believe - but, it is true.  Lemme change that slightly.  This is the first time that I can remember ..... Still, it is a bit confusing to me.  I would have thought that all comments would appear for me at the end of the singularly written blog.  Apparently not.  I had to click on a different button to see them.  I have not the slightest idea how you (the welcomed and loved reader) finds any of the comments ... or for that matter, how you write a comment.  However-Whatever-Whenever- you just go for it.  I'll wait.

When I sat in my office chair facing the blank screen, my idea was to write about stupidity.  You have to admit that I have done a good job so far.  We all do stupid things at one time or another.  I have had my share of triumphal stupidity over the years.  Many stupid things I will never mention or admit.  My last real band (Manor H.S.)  was not much different than my other bands.  For several years, I had a little saying that I laid out on a regular basis:   "Don't do stupid things."  I never attached it to any one student or particular happening - it was just a thing I said - a generalization.  Had a conference with a middle school principal once who asked me how attached I was to that saying.  He sorta implied it was worthy of dismissal.   I believe they were shocked that anyone might use the word:  "Stupid."  You know, don't cha, "stupid" is not a word to be uttered in a school setting.  It is not as bad as the "N" word; but, still...   (moron is equally banned)

When I retired, on our final concert the Manor H.S. band parents gave me a beautiful gold watch.  Inscribed on the back?    "Don't do stupid things."   It's nice to know that someone heard me other than the socially correct criticizers.  I just made up the spelling for "criticizers" and spell check hasn't said a word.  I was sure it would be wrong.  What cha know.  Learned something again.


Looking at jeans online at Amazon this weekend when I was hit with "stupid" again.  At least it wasn't me this time.  They sold jeans for $20 up to over $150 a pair.  Now that is stupid.  Some of the most expensive were PRE-WRINKLED or had holes cut in them.  Personally, I would rather create my own holes...over time and work.  And "wrinkle" is a special gift of mine.

I believe that I have written before that I wait until the Texas tax-free weekend to buy clothes.  I buy 2 to 4 pair of pants (mostly jeans since retirement).  When I place the new jeans in the closet, I use a black magic marker and write the year on the inside right front pocket.  When I rummage through the enormous closet looking for trousers, I can check the dates to get the newest out.  Newest usually have the lesser food stains -  yes, I have an eating disorder - I drip food whenever I eat.  A bib lays near my plate.  It does not protect the pants.

My recent inventory showed one pair was bought in 2011; that's the oldest pair.  If I get real hungry, I could boil these pants and make soup.  All sorts of preserved meals can be found above the knees.  

Back to original thought.  Why would anyone spend over a hundred dollars on jeans with pre-cut holes?  I just don't get it.  Nope, don't get it.   Enough on this.


medical:  I think I have poison ivy on my left wrist, just under my wrist watch.  We moved out here in the country during 2008;  I work outside all the time (less now that I am lazy).  Not once in 12 years have I gotten into poison ivy even though I have cut it down and sprayed it on numerous occasions.    And, now, it shows up under my watch?  At first I though it was a bug bite ... those I have had many times. Bug bites leave little white puss thingys to heal - at least they do on my person.  Chiggers just leave red marks that itch like crazy.  Spiders and the like seem to leave white puss marks, which heal.

This new thing under the watch is red and itches.  Bought some  poison ivy cream for it today at CVS pharmacy.  We'll see.  I'm hoping for no amputation.  Can I get some sympathy here?


Brief back to the comment section:  Several of the comments looked to me to be spam.  A short sentence about how they loved the blog followed by a sentence or two about some product to be seen at some website.  I am sensing a lack of sensitivity.  That is not the word I am looking for: try lack of  sincerity instead.  Yep, that will do.  over and out.

stay safe - remember - the mask will protect you from bacteria.  We are fighting a (flu) virus here.  Only the N-95 or N-99 masks will protect you from MY virus germs - and, then, maybe not completely.  Opinion:  Masks are used to make others feel good toward you.  It gives them a warm feeling to know that you are as panicked about the virus as the Press has made them panicked. 

Nobody wants to get sick - most don't want to die - and everyone should want to return to 2018.  

Luv ya,



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