Monday, August 31, 2020


 Yesterday, my sensitivities were offended.  

My "Fancy-Dancy" electric smoker has died.  It has gone to see the great smoker in the sky.  Yes, a new smoker will be purchased - eventually.  On occasion I still would like some pork ribs.  I do love beef ribs as well.  As a matter of fact smoked brisket and chicken and ham and turkey and onions are fine as well.  We have never had smoked rabbit, squirrel, or giraffe.  

Yesterday, we baked pork ribs in the oven  I coated them with some goop, and let them set in the frig over night.  The ribs were put in the oven for 2 plus hours at about 275 degrees.   The broiler was turned on and the ribs soaked up that fire for another 7 minutes.  BBQ sauce was on the side.

I found that my sensitivities were offended when I discovered that we had no parsley.   I watch TV.  I see cooking shows.  I hear them talk.  They always have parsley somewhere even if they merely cache it under their arm pits.  But, we had no parsley.  None.  I discussed this with my wife.  We got serious.  She accurately pointed out that during our 58 years of marriage, we have never served parsley - ever.  So, no parsley.   I cut the ends off a green onion and sprinkled it among the smoking ribs.  I had to do something.  No Parsley. 

                                           -*-                   _*_                     -*-

To be frank (or Joe or Pete), our old "Fancy-Dancy" smoker had problems.  Plugged in on the back porch under my supervisory eye, that smoker would blow the house breaker every time.  I replaced the electric socket twice.  Didn't help.  I learned to plug the machine into a wall socket inside the house.  There is one just inside the back door which was within easy reach of the smoker.  This worked fine.   Well, it worked fine until the machine gave off that one enormous bright light and ceased to heat.  It was much like the fourth of July.

I searched high and low (and on the internet) for a replacement heating unit.  Miine seemed to be a special size.   All I got from the manufacturer was, "We cannot find this model number in our system.  It has been discontinued."  I jumped on that bandwagon and discontinued it from our back porch.  All Gone.  No More.   Need New One.

My next door neighbor was talking about how he wants a new pellet smoker.  Pellet Smoker.  You put pre-processed pellets into the bin and smoke away.  I cannot see how this is better than actual wood chips of different types of trees.   I would love to hear opinions from most anyone.  (It would seem that a vegetarian's opinion might not carry as much weight, even though I have seen some excellent smoked veggies in my lifetime.)

I wait.  No smoker.  No parsley.  

Say hello to somebody for me.  anybody.   well, most anybody.

Mtz, sweating on the back porch.

(Again, I would give credit to the photographer - if only I knew same's name.  This guy is sharp.  I bet he lives in Edwards County.  I betcha his wife lets him sit on his back proch and smoke big cigars and drink regular beer - or Coke, of course.)

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