Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wed. my typical day

It has been a typical non-typical day.  Up around 8 a.m, I am greeted outside the bedroom door by little Sadie burying her head in my ankles with her tail whipping back and forth at a hundred miles an hour.  Around the corner, Bruno, hearing the bedroom door open, begins his talking to me - "Daddy, Daddy, come in here and pet me - I'd come to you; but, I'm too lazy to get off this dog bed."  Naturally, I hurry into the kitchen where I am greeted by Oscar with a pink ball in his mouth waiting for me join in the ball fun.  I am Oscar's favorite toy.  Yes, a typical morning heading to the breakfast table.

I've mentioned this before - I am a diabetic.  My blood sugar numbers seems to be somewhat under control - a lot better than when I was first diagnosed back in 2008.  My very first blood test was somewhere near 300.  That's not good.  Trust me on that.  

Some diabetics check blood sugar several times a day.  This is to keep them from having "lows" and, I suppose, "highs."   In my case I check my blood numbers before breakfast once a week.  This gives me general handle on things.  As long as it stays fairly low, compared to the old 300+, then, I am doing okay according to my various doctors over the past 12 years.  Personally, I think a couple of them have had the philosophy that:  "he's old - he's had a good life - we'll just try to keep his head from exploding."

Thus, my head hasn't exploded yet.   This morning I had a number of 161.  I think that is too high, but doctors don't seem to worried.  Last week was 157; the previous Wednesday was 180.  I am edging down.  The point is - typical Wednesday - check blood numbers and eat breakfast.  

Today, we had decided that we needed to make a Walmart trip, the first in a couple of weeks.  9 volt batteries (fire alarms in the house need batteries changed soon), hamburger buns, wife need a vitamin bottle, me a new tube of Crest, and a pepper mill.  I love my pepper and salt mills. When I grind my own pepper, I don't sneeze - if I use store bought pepper, I am blowing my nose for 30 minutes between sneezes.   My old pepper mill fell apart on Sunday; several parts fell into my gravy.  There is very little worse than a pepper mill floating in your gravy.   I know.  I've seen it happen.  Ugly.

I have a procedure before I leave the house to go to town.  (1) The dogs are put away, getting a tasty treat for their cooperation.  (2) Next, I turn off the house air conditioner.  Why run the air full blast if nobody is here to enjoy - cost money.  I figure a few years back that I saved $3.00 for every day it was off.  Surely, the prices have increased by now.   

(3) Finally, I turn off the ice maker in the Frig.  Twice before, when the ice thingy was filling up with fresh water, the valve failed to turn off.  We had water all over our frozen food and gushing across the floor into the utility room.  Mopping up the floor water was not the worse thing.  We had to empty the freezer and dry off every bit of food - wipe down the sides - sponge out the bottom of the freezer - and try to dry the ice { yes, the ice container was water logged too }.  Do you know what happens to a container of ice if it is watered down inside a freezer?  You get a block of ice that only a hammer can dislodge.  One learns things as one gets older.

Dogs out; air off; ice maker shut down; house alarm set; all doors and windows locked --  we headed for town about 10:30.  The first stop was Atwoods.  If you have an Atwoods near you, go inside and find the pickles.   There are some excellent Spicy Sweet Garlic Dill Pickles in that store. Thick and Tasty ... also, Sweet Garlic Pickles are on the shelf too.  I have to say these might be the best pickles around town.  They are over-priced - and excellent.

Finally to Walmart where I top off the gas tank.  Proverb:  Always keep the top half of your gas tank filled when gas prices are going up.  The reverse is true.  Always keep the bottom half of your gas tank filled when gas prices are going down.  It makes financial sense.  Gas tank filled - Walmart items purchase - it is lunch time.

With this flu virus we have not eaten out much since January.  Today we decided to try the CICI pizza buffet to see how it was handled since reopening.  Little girls behind the counter wearing black masks dealt out food to our plates.  Cici's hasn't changed  much.  They have fewer food choices.  There were fewer pizzas to choose from which to choose from to pick from - choose which from to  That was a good sentence.

It was as tasty as Cici's is.  I did notice people washing hands behind the counter frequently.  However, I did not notice anyone attempting to clean the tables.  They want you to thrown your own trash away.  We did.  Still, there was nobody walking around spraying the tables while we ate.  I did notice the boss/owner was not on the premises today while we were there.  Coincident? 

I have a question which needs no answer.  There was a carnival set-up on the vacant parking lot next to CiCis.  How do the carnival people maintain this 6 foot thing with masks and all?  Do they have Porta Potties for the customers?  and hand washing stations?  Some of the rides whirl and twirl with screaming teens - spit flying about indiscriminately - does that spread virus particles evenly into the atmosphere?  does it send your spit into the trailing cart?

My 2nd question.  I am not sure school has started everywhere in this (Navarro) County.  There were billions of kids running all over Walmart today, chasing and yelling - many dutifully struggling after their mothers down this aisle and that aisle.   It is amazing that we are all not lying in a bed gasping for air.  Just noticed, I didn't ask a question.  Make up your own question.

We were home by 1:30, mail in hand.  I received 3 letters today.  All three were requests by politicians for money.  One included a survey to be answered.  As strongly as I feel about politics, I should send money to some candidate.  But, would the money be better served if I sent it the Methodist Childrens Home in Waco?  Still, if the socialist / communist / marxist take over the nation, will that be better?

See ya guys later.


p.s. This afternoon, standing in the backyard throwing the ball to Oscar, I looked up as a deer ran up beside my house outside the fence, heading back into the thicket.  We don't see many deer; but, they are here.  Sorta nice.

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