Thursday, August 6, 2020

Anniversary 2020

Before I begin.  My blog place has set up a new format.  I am not good at this which explains why this message is in white with a blue background.  I will try to do better in the future.

August 6, 2020

It has been a while since I made this trip.  Insecurity I suppose dot dot dot  
Yesterday was the 5th day of August.   A fine day to be sure.
Brenda Joy (my wife) and I have been married for 58 years.  There were good years; there were bad years; and, then, there were years.  Reminds me of a song:  "Always."
We spent most of the day in the car traveling to nowhere.  We can do that with the best of them.  First a short trip north to Wax-A-Hachet (nod to Roger's description of same).  We med son-in-law Tom at Lowe's to buy him a sack of concrete (Sakrete).  He is installing a new mailbox on the rent house.   I'm looking forward to seeing the final results.  The old mailbox should have been replaced 5 years ago when we painted the utility room.
Speaking of  Lowe's.   Is the apostrophe necessary?  Is it Lowes or Lowe's?   I just don't know..
See the little dot I place between paragraphs?  I got into that habit a few years back when my email would all lump together in one big paragraph.  It was hard to decipher.  Put the dot, and the paragraphs don't clog together.  Another tip from the Master.
After Lowee's we traveled east to Ennis and had lunch at our favorite "Ennis" Chinese place.   I'd have written restaurant, but I can't spell restaurant.  It is an okay place; not the finest representation - but okay.
One little guy greets you - seats you - brings you tea - replaces your tea - takes away dirty dishes - delivers the bill and fortune cookie - and, finally, takes your money.   Another younger lad keeps the buffet filled.  I am guessing a third person is greasing the food in the back room.  
We ate.  Left.  He gave us our fortune cookie as we left the place.  In the car after dousing my hands with hand sanitizer and removing my mask,  our cookies were opened.  My cookie had no fortune.  My wife had a nice saying in hers.  I wondered (later as I wandered) if this were an omen.   I had not fortune.  That is true; I have no fortune - retired teachers rarely do.  Omen!!
Up the road is a new Buc-Cees.  Ennis has a Buc-Cees.  Now we have a thing for this place.  Look it up on Google if you have not been.   44 oz drinks are only  69 cents.   They have food and junk jewelry and all sorts of stuff.  The restrooms are the best in the business.  We had a delightful hour roaming about their store.  Gas was only $1.39 per.  It was a good stop.
To finish the day we drove home and fed Bruno.  That boy loves to eat.  Oscar loves to eat too - he is much more aggresive when eating, not towards anyone or anybody or anything - he just gulps his food down and pity the stray finger that might be leaving the bowl of kibbles.  Once again, Sadie could care less to eat.  That's not totally true.  She lays with her head on the bowl until the boys have finished.  When they round the corner and see her plopped down on her dish, something clicks in her head.  I'd better start eating before the boys get too close.
This is enough for now.  You folks take care, whoever you are.  Wear your mask even though it won't protect you against squat.  Gloves can be nice.  A shield ?  only if worn with the N-95 mask and, then, only if you are lucky.
At almost 80 yrs of age, I (we) hope to be lucky.
More later.

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