Wednesday, August 12, 2020

No Downer Wednesday

It makes sense.  At least one day out of seven should be a "no downer" day.  Thus, I, King Mike, proclaim that Wednesday is NO DOWNER WEDNESDAY.  

Monday had to be eliminated - why? because it's Monday - 1st day of the week back at school/work...c'mon, this was not too hard to figure.

Tuesday: too close to Monday - catch all the riff-raff left over from Monday.

Thursday:  use to be something about Green Thursday - sure would want to interfere with their day.

Friday: nope.  it already has its TGIF moniker.  Besides, I was a band director too long with Friday night football game hassles to proclaim Friday as worthy of anything worthy.  cute.  worthy of being worthy.  I like that.

Sat & Sun are weekend days.

So, ya see, Wednesday is the only day left.  I do have one downer thing about Wednesday; but, let's save that for a later date.  Surely don't want to hurt anyone's feelings especially on No Downer Wednesday, do I?


TV:  I like television.  I have always liked television.  Some shows are not worth watching (worthy of being worthy)  in spite of what critics may say.  Others have been worth seeing frequently.   I love watching old Barney Miller (30 min.) shows.  It rarely dips into the slime pits - sure, a bit of a liberal message at times - but really nice entertainment.

The other night, the show opened with the [ Chinese ] Detective Nick Yamana  (really Jack Soo the actor) reading a Chinese language newspaper.  He shared that a Chinese thermometer factory was going out of business.  Yep.  Someone found swordfish in their mercury.    That joke haunts me; I love it.  Jack Soo died way too early in my opinion.  His dry delivery was special.

Lately, I have been watching Frasier reruns.  They do put out some great lines and situations.  Yes, the Frasier boys are totally disfunctional.  And, the show dips into too much sexy stuff at tiimes - but, overall it is a fun show.....just like the old Third Rock from the Sun series - which is not on anymore.  They have toooooo much hanky panky in the shows but fun to watch.

Now, for different reasons, on PBS I enjoy many of the British mystery shows.  Midsomer Murders is pretty good.  For me, what sets Midsomer above the others is the music.  I use a headset to listen to the TV.  My wife's hearing is so good, that I hurt her ears with the volumn even when I wear the hearing aids.  With headsets, you can hear the music so much better, each twist and turn and twirl.  There is a bassoonist on that show who is excellent.  All the music is well-played.  If you want to hear a good bassoon, tune in Midsomer.   It's not classical music - just good tunes.   (moving on....)


Speaking of thermometers (see above with Jack Soo), I need one of those handheld ones that you can aim at foreheads.  Home depot had a bunch the other day at $45 plus some.  I don't guess I should have passed SUCH a bargain.  

We were in CVS yesterday - they are out of thermometers.  Really.   Are thermometers the next toilet paper?  We do have one of those "under the tongue" critters, and we have had the electronic mouth ones.  I was never smart enough to make the electronic ones function more than twice in a row.  

Ya see, someone gets sick - I have no thermometer - I go to store and buy the electronic/battery powered one - I read the instructions and use the thermometer.  The sick person gets well.  Many Many months later, somebody gets ill.  I dig out the battery machine - but I cannot find the instructions.  Worthless piece of equipment at that point.  I imagine we have owned at least 5 of those electronic ones over the past several years.  Don't get me wrong; this is not a Downer.  We are please that nobody is getting sick around my estate.

Can't you visualize walking down the street or through the hallowed halls of Wal*Mart pointing your thermometer gun at every stranger yelling "Gotcha!"  ?  Don't point it at the big guys with no shirts and covered with tattoos.  They might shoot back.  On we go to Amazon and to seek my new thermometer.


Final bit - what have I done today?  It is about 11:45 a.m.  Up around 8 - ate breakfast and checked my blood sugar (155 this morning, the lowest it has been pre-breakfast since mid-June) - mowed the dog pit and a portion of the backyard with the hand pushed (power) mower - helped the wife a bit as she sandpapered our little metal bridge for future painting - played a moment with Oscar's ball until he set it down and wet on it ( that will stop me everytime ) - came inside - cleaned up and hit the computer.    

And we move on for the remainder of No Downer Wednesday...forgot didn't you?

I lied.  This is the final bit. My wife Brenda Joy just sent out a text message that today is National Middle Child Day - she texted it to our middle child Laura.   I was a middle child for several years too.  I celebrate!

later, Mtz

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