Thursday, August 13, 2020

It's Texas again

 Boy Howdy, you know that you are in Texas today.   First of all, according to the TV, Fort Worth was settin' at 99 degrees at 9:30 this morning and headin' towards 107 this afternoon.  They project the heat index up around 111.  Now, I don't care who you are and where you may live, 107 is up there.  It is HOT.

Okay, so Arizona and Egypt makes that look like chicken feed.  You have to take in the humidity factor too.  We do have the humidity in this part of Texas - today only about 45%.  That's sorta low in this part of the earth.  We-uns, who live here beside the Richland-Chambers lake, either:

the lake   (1) creates a lot more humidity  or  (2)  works like an air conditioner and lowers the air temperature somewhat.  I have not the slightest which is true; or, perhaps, both are true - or maybe neither are valid.  You can't expect me to know everything.   I went to music school.  I didn't study the weather.  What I do know is, this afternoon when I step out back and down the hill to throw the ball for Oscar, we won't visit the backyard very long.   It is HOT.   


Texas:  yep.  With 4 Texas schools in the lineup, the Big 12 (made up of 10 colleges) will have their football season this fall.  Why would you have thought differently?  Texas and Oklahoma loves its football.   Quickly, let me add - I approve this decision.  This virus scare thing has gone on long enough.  Sure, the virus can be deadly and will continue to be deadly.  I hope / pray that none of my family - friends - neighbors - dogs - you name it - I do hope everyone stays safe.  The vaccine is coming.  This is nothing but a wild, hairy flu.  I have faith in our Capitalistic system; a vaccine will be found.

Then, all we have to worry about is the next flu system as it rolls over us - (see previous post about flu shots).  People are in a panic mode.  You cannot shut down the world and stay alive - food and drink and housing costs money.  Our government can't pay for everything.  It has to stop and Texas has to GO.

Thus, football season is upon us.  The men will play ball.  Some will get sick.  Others will panic.  And, yes, some may die (hopefully not) - including me if I contact the stuff.  I'm almost 80 and have diabetes.  I am in that danger zone.  Will I go to any ballgames this fall.  Nope.  But, in fairness I didn't go to any games last fall.  The only TV football games I watch includ Texas Tech.  I do want to catch a small gander at the Texas Tech Band.  What a group!!

Marching season for Texas bands has begun.  My son Roger has been posting videos on Facebook of the Frenship H.S. Band's marching practices.  They are working hard at perfection.   Many Texas bands will not attend the UIL marching contests this fall.  That is amazing to me.   Instead, they will park and play music at halftime - perhaps a bit of drill.  It may prove to be an easier marching season for the bands.  Many will not attend out-of-town games.  One school is only sending the drum line to those games.  You watch, some team with a bad record of winning, will blame the absent band for its losing season.   I betcha.  

 The way I see it, with the virus panic gripping the world, any win/loss record should be discounted.  How many star quarterbacks or runners - or linemen will test positive for the flu on Thursday afternoon.  Coaches have a built-in excuse for losing - and, so do band directors and all competitive people.  It is fun.   


My daughter Laura Roberts is the elementary music teacher in Blooming Grove, Texas.  She put something online in Waxahachie about her school music classes:  her worries about the difficulty of starting this new school year and her classroom money problems and supplies.  All of a sudden Waxahachie people she doesn't know started coming to her aid - giving her money and supplies.  One guy is making her PVC pipe drum sticks for the classroom.  She'll be able to use those for years.  Another stranger, extra pencils - and cash.  A person opened her a pay pal account for donations.  I'm telling you this is great and surprising stuff.  Small schools do have certain limitations with people and resources; but as Laura explained, there are some really good people helping out...easing the burden, you might say.

I'm impressed Waxahachie!


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