Friday, August 28, 2020

Adventure Day

Today has been designated as "An Adventure Day."

Already, I have had 3 adventures.

1.  I am wearing red socks.   The diabetic problem.  It is difficult to find socks which don't mess up your legs with lines.  I buy mine on Amazon after much reading and deliberation.  Last week I ordered 9 pair: 3 from one company and 6 from another - in packets.  In the 3 was to be a black pair with specks of red.  It arrived and was red with specks of black.  

    My  wife asked if I were going to wear those red socks.  So, today, I am red sock bound.

2.  The trash men came about 9:15.  The dogs lost it.  When the dogs lose it, one cannot talk or even think.   Our trash men come twice a week:  Monday and Friday.  For this service I pay $30 a month.  That is a bargain in my opinion.  They'll cart away pretty much anything I put out there - no leaves or branches - stuff like that.  I can burn those when we don't have a burn ban.  

    Our trash guys drive an old pick up truck of many colors.  The front fenders are two different colors; the bed a different color; the hood another; the right door brightens the world.  They pull a 4 wheel,  really tall trailer.  A driver drives.  A passenger climbs out at each stop and throws sacks of trash over the top of the trailer.  And, my children bark and bark their indignation.   We have have expectations apparently.

I do love "spell check."   I do hate "spell check."  This is the perfect example of a love-hate relationship.  At least on the computer my checker does not automatically change the spelling as My Android does.  Still it can be quite annoying when it nags my lack of correctfullness.  That is a word which I purposely misspelled to see the results.   It gave me 5 quick choices:  correctness, correct fullness, correct-fullness, neglectfulness, and, of course, respectfulness.  

Adventure #3:  Water Sprinkler.  My sprinkler is set for Thursday and Sunday - when we do water rationing, those are my two days.  But, wait, we just had a hurricane hit southeast Texas.  All week the weathermen have been show water dousing our yard.  Hurricane Laura decided to move a bit east of here.  We had a sprinkle on Wednesday night - it was not Laura.  Today, I am watering the yard - manually, if you will.  This means that I go to the controller and set the machine to run each area for "X" number of minutes.  When it quits, I set another area to run.   I have 10 areas.  So far  I have water areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, and 10.  5,6,7,& 8 are yet to run.  That is an adventure when you have retired to being worthless.

Adventure #4:  We are going to the grocery store HEB in a few minutes.  While we are out, we may get a bit to eat somewhere. That is always an adventure.  I LOATHE drive-in windows.  I never can understand the little guy at the speaker;  he must not be able to understand me.  Then there is the exchange of money and packages at the next window followed by the surprises as you look into the sack.  What did you order?  What did you get?  I LOATHE drive-in windows.

My wife just had Adventure #4.  I don't have my hearing aids in.  I am really getting hard-of-hearing.  She asked if I heard the airplanes fly over.  I didn't.  She described a covey of planes buzzing our house, LOUD.  I was oblivious.  Just a couple miles south of here is the Corsicana airport.  Housed there are some of the Confederate Air Force planes - WWII models.  They fly them at times.  They changed the name.  It is no longer the Confederate Group.  I believe they are now the Commemorative AF.  Using Confederate was funny.  Now it is just an interesting group.

#5  I am going into the shower.  I never can predict how that turns out.

more adventures soon.  I shall not proff red this before publishing.

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