Friday, June 10, 2011

The snake dog & Fritz

y'know (y'know) sometimes it seems like it will never end. It is just one thing after another.  Lemme tell you that Greta, the snake dog (see previous blogs), has struck again. This time it was not a snake.

We were gone most of the day, getting home in time to feed Fritz at 5 p.m.  That boy has a problem with 5:01, and he has an inner clock.  They ate.  We went out back as I read the paper on the back porch under the full-blowing ceiling fan.  When the sweat began to pour down my nose, all of us went in for me to finish off yesterdays beef stew - a delight in which I delight.  Eventually I tired of 5 dogs watching me scarf down my stew and shooed them back outside.

Finished eating, put dishes in sink, started mixing another glass of tea and I looked out the back window. Down in the far corner of the yard I could Greta and Fritz fighting over something. She had one end; Fritz had the other; and they were bouncing all over the place. The other three pups were in the area but not battling for a hold. It seemed to be a 2 dog encounter.

I yelled, "the dogs have something!" - grabbed a hoe and moved down the back hill as safely as I could muster - the spouse was behind me toting a rake.  Some of you may not recognize as a hoe and rake being defensive weapons.  Well, they are.   Now we were fit for battle.  It was not till I was within 5 feet that I saw the varmit - an armadillo - small but still....    I moved Greta off the critter with the wooden handle of the hoe and turned my attention to Fritz who had the thing by the base of its tail. I could see blood on the side of the animal, but it was moving and trying to flee.

I grabbed Fritz (BJ had Greta by the throat by now) and started prying his mouth open with my fingers- y'know at the back of his jaw. It took a moment but he lost the grip and the armadillo start to scurry away - not good enough. Fritz grabbed him around the chest - armor and all - and held on. My plan was flawed. I lifted big Fritz (he weighs around 17 lbs) and held him over the fence, critter hanging over the proper area - once again, I shoved my fingers into the side of his mouth till it opened. The animal rolled to the ground and started moving out.  Last seen he was bounding over the crest of the hill into the wilderness.

That was the end of my day - The blood on Fritz's and Greta's chops have been since licked off gallantly. These dogs have no concept of fear. I do.

Greta the snake dog
Fritz the Armadillo Assassin

more later

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