Friday, June 10, 2011

to tire or to retire - that is the question

so the wife & I took a little trip to Tyler yesterday to look at roses and go to a couple of estate sales. We bought little - nothing really - it was an outing to get out of the house.

Coming back - on the loop around Athens - my right front tire exploded. I was moving at 65 mph. The car handled pretty well consider I had only 3 tires working. I moved to the right side of the road to the shoulder. It was (give or take ) 5000 degrees F. outside. Since I had had the other tire experience last month, I had a process worked out, and it did not take too long. Another Big Gulp came within 10 miles of the big bang.

Here is the bit - the entire tread came off in one big round piece. It moved inside the wheels and hung on the axle. All that was left was the wheel and about 2 inches of rubber sidewall on the in and outside of the tire. I have never seen tread come off in one piece. Of course, wrapped on the inside of the wheel, the tread messed with the ABS - automatic braking system - yellow warning light on dash.

My spare is okay so we limped home - steering wheel shaking back and forth like perhaps there was a tire balance or wheel alignment problem. In the driveway I took photos which will come at a later date. Looking at the good front left tire, I discovered wire sticking out on the inside of the tire. The outside of the tire looked just fine to me - the wire was hidden just a little bit down on the inside of the tire.

This morning we took the car into my favorite repair place Eagle Motor etc. I love this place. Always - I MEAN ALWAYS - these guys have worked for me in a 100% great way. The guy even remembers my name. And he does what needs to be done - nothing more. This time he found the ABS wire had come loose. He repaired it.....didn't sell me a new one....get this, he repaired the old one. He could have sold me the whole system, sensor -wire - and you name it. Nope, just repaired the connection. For all I know, he may simply have plugged it back in. I don't know how these things are connected - but still, he didn't sell me a whole new system. He likes my Marauder.

When was the last time you had a car fixed for $61.30? Amazing. We drove to Waxahachie and bought 2 new tires and had a front end alignment at Discount Tire. Next we drove 2 blocks down the street to National Tire & Battery where I ordered 2 new tires for the rear. He said they would be in next Wednesday. This evening (around 6) they called - the tires were in. Guess what we are doing tomorrow. Note that I have not talked about the cost of tires.

Because the Marauder used Z rated (or thereabouts) low profile tires - these tires are softer than the normal tire. The tires are rated for about 20 to 30,000 miles TOPS.

When will it all end? If it isn't one thing, it is another. The good thing -if there is one - gas at Waxahachie's Wal-mart was $3.41. Somehow, that is bitter sweet.

Pity accepted.


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