Monday, June 13, 2011

buggy -fire -one penny

Today was a bit different than my normal get up - eat breakfast - watch TV - water the yard - feed Fritz his supper - more TV - maybe a nap - read the paper - eat my other meals - and so forth.

1st of all I woke at 7:30 - now that is pushing me a bit. At 10:30 the 2 brothers from Farmer's Exterminators showed up. Our precious 5 pups were caged in the living room as the two guys began their daily tasks - they do this day in and day out. The oldest Stan works the inside of the house squirting around all baseboards. He told me that he has been doing this for 39 years, his brother for 37 years -- after they graduated from college. I would be they both graduated from A&M with a buggy degree.

Their truck shoots out a liquid that can reach the top of my house and coat the entire exterior - of course they did the boat dock & boat too.  Last week I power washed the house (only the outside, turkey face) - and ended up killing a black widow on the back porch. In the past 2 weeks I have killed 4 scorpions INSIDE the house and another 3 in the garage. It was time to spray.

My only issue is the killing of butterflies who might stop in for a little nectar this afternoon. Bothers me somewhat - I always figured that IF ONE believes in reincarnation, one of these butterflies is my mom visiting. I try to speak to each butterfly with a bit of reference.

One full hour of spraying. They left. The dogs are still caged. Can't let them out until everything has dried.

I asked the guy, "'when I water the yard and the water gets up on the house, will it wash off the spray?"    He said that I might get it off with a power washer, but otherwise, it remains for about a year. Now, that is tuff. (misspelled tough, so I could look cool - pronounced KUL).
I got in a 2 hour nap. Right after I awoke, the phone rang. It was Lelanie from next door. If I understood the sequence - was still a bit groggy from waking up --- Her daughter (who is at camp) texted Lelanie saying she had a text from someone else stating that there is a fire in our housing development and Lelanie's house was on fire. I carried the phone outside to see - no fire next door - no smoke in the distance. The wife & I lumped into the car and began to check out things.

Down the block & towards the entrance fire trucks - it was a grass fire and trees of course. They had it beat down. 4 different volunteer fire departments were here squirting, flashing lights, you name it. It was busy. They had two big caterpiller type earth movers creating fire breaks.

A neighbor down the street was out in the unburned field holding a rake. He gave me a few comments, ( he is a talker ) which I now shall list:
1. The fire probably burned at least 500 acres.
2. The fire was heading north behind "that" house and starting to turn towards the lake (my house area)
3. I used to be in the volunteer fire department but I quit. They never would give me a radio and I worked bad hours (at the post office) which interfered with me getting to fires.
4. We hear there is a little blue car driving around the county throwing out fire.
Then he told us about a couple more fires the volunteers left to go put out.

So that was another bullet we dodged today.
One last thing - totally unrelated -- went to Waxahachie for new tires on Sat. Killing time till lunch hour, dropped into best buy. I talked to a telephone guy, looked at the TVs, mosy-ed through the store and stopped off at the video games. I like stupid games which take little skill. I don't do the story games - just point and shoot. You match 3 objects and blow them up. Hey, if it costs more than $10, I won't buy it. PC games only.

This is the point of this stone. I picked up a game called butterfly king. I check the pricing label. They had it priced at one cent. I looked twice. It was in a pile of $4.99 games - one cent. Took that rascal and one other cheap game to the front. Bought it for one penny.

This makes me think that other things in that store are priced like that - you just have to research while you are in the store.

that's all


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