Friday, June 3, 2011

2nd day in a row

Two days in a row - write, write, write.

I might add that if you are expecting Chaucer or Steinbeck, you have the wrong blog.

Daughter Christine came to visit over the past weekend.  Most times when she travels, her dogs come along.  They do so much love our big back yard - so much to see and smell and bark at.  Should that read:  and things at which to bark.  Doesn't really matter in this time of my life, they enjoy the trip.  She has four dogs - all rescued from one thing or another.   They are lovable.  The latest is a small long hair doxie who has a hair prob - i.e., no hair.  Long hair dogs without hair must be embarrassed.  We are hoping a vet will cure this prob.

When she comes she carries a plastic box - you buy them at Walmart - gray, about 20 or 30 gal with a snap on lid.  No big deal, it is a stupid gray plastic box.  In it:  dry dog food,  dishes, a few chew sticks of various varieties  (cute expression, various varieties) and a couple cans of wet food for the oldest dog Wesley.  He has problems chomping down on dry food.  

When Christine left for home, she forgot her box of food.  It was setting in the breakfast area under yesterday's newspapers.  She'll survive till it returns to he pad.  

My wife had a yearly doctor appt this morning at 8:15.  Frankly, I cannot understand why she elects to have appts. so early in the morning.  I always choose 10:30 to noon.  So much better.  I awoke about 7:45.  She was already gone to town.  I struggled to fall out of bed.  My little Greta was sleeping on a cushion beside the bed.  She lifted her head to look at me, then plopped right back down for more rest.  This girl is MY girl -- she takes after her daddy.

The saga continues:  I opened the bedroom door and move towards the kitchen where the boys are locked up.   As soon as it comes in view, I heard a chomping noise.  FRITZ, the Eater, has moved the plastic box 10 feet, has it on its end with the top off  and his head is buried out of sight, chomping.   Forgive me, I yelled.

The twin boys were  against the other wall doing something.  I don't know what.

I don't know who ate what.  The dry food was less - there were no chewing sticks -
Fritz was there with a can opener working on the canned dog food.  Believe me, when it comes to dog food, that boy would learn to use a can opener.

The box has been moved to another room behind a locked door.  Later in the day, Fritz's belly looked stretch tighter than a snare drum.  One final note, supper time for dogs is 5 p.m. here.  At 4:45, Fritz was pacing and barking for us to get supper on the table.  That child does love to eat.

new subj.
My wife made me a blackberry cobbler.  It was made without sugar - used the sweetner stuff in the yellow packages since the doc's have limited my sugar intake.  I cannot tell that much difference
with or w/out real sugar.  It has been about 3 years since I had a big mouth of sugar.   Back to the cobbler....good, really good.  She makes a mean peach cobbler too - her mom was the champ when it came to cooking up a fattening meal.   I do miss that lady's happy meals.

About 2 miles from the house is a far which has blackberries and other stuffs.   Each year we buy enough to last till the next year.   It is time to replenish the supply in the freezer.  Jealous?


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