Thursday, June 2, 2011

rambling rose

has nothing to do with a rambling rose...

Today, June 1st - soon to be the 2nd.  The world is still operating and so am I.  Missed the opportunity to make fun of that guy who said the world would end.  That's okay.  He has changed the date since he undershot the first date.  Is it Oct. 21st?    What bothers me the most is that kooks like this give anti religious folks the opportunity to make fun of religion.   If you don't like religion, leave it alone.  Don't hassle the ones who enjoy it.  Sorta like homosexuals who are trying to sell their lifestyles as being normal.  Leave me alone; I will leave you alone.  Go do what you want...just quit trying to sell it to me.  Nuff.

The year - oh, make it years - is / are going by fast.  It seems like just yesterday that it was May 1st.  When I was teaching, late April and May were so busy.  And the kids just turned off their brains sometimes.  It was busy.  And when it ended, things were so quiet in the bandroom.  I was alone working on music stuff and the kids were out in the world.  This is not a pity party.  Seniors would graduate and leave.  It was like they died.  Some kid who spent every afternoon in the bandroom, graduates, leaves, and might come back sometime the next year.  

It the kid joined the armed forces, they would ALWAYS come back to the school in full uniform after basic training.  Really liked the ones in the cute little white navy outfits.  They were always so proud of the accomplishment, surviving basic training.  I never did that - I respect the fact they survived.

I was thinking today about an ex-student who will be having a birthday soon.  She graduated in 2004.  I would guess she was 18  (maybe 19) as she graduated.  It has been 7 years since she got out of school and I retired.  I am older - but, is she?  Nah, she is still 18.  She cannot be 25 yrs old.  It is mind boggling to know that my 18 yr old graduates over the years have all grown older.  Some are grand parents now.  Many are married with children.  I'd guess some are even band parents now.  I hope they give their directors a break once in a while.

I don't add to my blogs regularly enough.  I understand that good writers schedule their writing everyday.  This tells you something about my efforts.  As the day goes by, I ask:   To Essay or Not To Essay.  Not all essays have to be jewels.  It is the practice and doing that accounts for good writers finishing a project.

It is late.  Goodnight and Good Luck.

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