Monday, June 13, 2011

Breakfast Bluz (cute spelling to catch your eye)

Sometimes I plan out a blog  -  what I'm gonna scribble - type = not this time.  Before I get off on that, just had a wondering thought.  Obviously guy, I am not scribbling.  In  a previous life I would have typed this but, no, I am using my keyboard to scribble/type ..... Would that be called Keying - or Keyboarding (not to be confused with water boarding)  - or just boarding -nah, that would be stupid.   There must be a proper term recognized by the computer nerds.

On to Breakfast.  When I got the diabetes thing, my doc sent me to a session with a diet type lady (paid for by my government ) - The wife and I spent the full day in class learning the pros and cons of carbs.  For breakfast I have a limited number of carbs to consume. 

(aside note, Sue, the dog next door, has begun to bark into the night - makes one wonder why - but more than that - I fear that Bruno will awaken and begin his call of the wild)  moving on.

So I have calculated my morning carbs and have taken to eating Grape Nuts for breakfast.   I get 3/4 cup of grapenuts with 3/4 cup of 2% milk - and a sprinkling of fake sugar stuff - the one in the yellow package.  Each morning, same ritual - going on 3 years now.  The 2% milk is a bit of a splurge - I have been called a "wild" man.  The diet folks would much prefer I use fat free milk, you do know that fat free milk is merely water with some type of white cake coloring, chalk perhaps.  1% is not much better.  I can fool myself with the 2%,  and I do.

Certainly I have briefly changed this routine over the past 3 years when we have company in the house.  Eggs with some type of meat and one piece of toast - yeah, I am one fun reckless guy.

Simply cannot remember eating breakfast as a young child; surely we did.  I remember visiting relatives and having big breakfastseseseses.  In H.S. my brothers and I pretty much scarfed down a bowl of cereal as we bolted for the door.  I remember eating Cherrios forever -- then, Wheaties and Rice Crispies.  I can even remember my Raisen Brand period where they were eaten as a staple and those wheat thingys - big blocks of scratching  wheat - forget the name...maybe later.  My folks tried to get us into Special K.  Get Serious.

aside note - I misspelled Raisen Brand.  That is funny; well, to me it is.  Slowing down on the typing would help or slowing down on the keyboarding  (see above).  The most fun was getting a prize in the cereal box. and reading and rereading and rerereading the cereal box every morning - that would be EVERY morning.  By the time you finished a box of cereal, you could recite the entire box better than your required recitative of the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner  or  "Under the spreading chestnut tree, a village smithy stands..."

Mom would cook pancakes on weekends.  I can't have them now.   She could make some really nice hotcakes with bacon usually.  Syrup was different to us.  We used Karo syrup not the Mrs. Butterworth etc. stuff we see today.  I love and do miss Karo syrup even to this day, white or dark - doesn't matter.  Good stuff.  As I aged, my intake of pancakes went down.  I'd be lucky to finish off one good size hotcake today - if allowed.  Back then, I remember, each one of us boys would finish off six hotcakes.  Six was the magical number.  Couldn't do that now if I had to.  Yep, miss those days.

When I went off to college and stayed in the dorm, I got up on the first day of class as a Freshman and hit the cafeteria for breakfast.  I had scrambled eggs.  I remember this well.  The eggs were filled with shells.  I lived in that dorm for only one full year.   Never did I eat breakfast again in the cafeteria.  Never.  

Breakfast at Tech evolved into a Coke and a candy bar.  Giant size Baby Ruth bars cost a dime.  That would fill me up and get me to class on time.  It is hard to believe that I ate so many Baby Ruth candy bars in those days.  Sometimes, I would substitute a snickers or Butterfinger.  Man, those are good.  When you eat a Butterfinger, you use your top teeth to scrape off the chocolate.  Once you get down to the peanut butter bar part, then you can chomp down.  

To sumarize, there were many years of band directing when I went to school after drinking one large glass of chocolate milk.  I needed nothing else.  It is a wonder that any of us lived past the age of 18.  With that, close time.

I'll think of something else to add at a later date.   What did you use to have for breakfast???


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