Saturday, June 11, 2011

I M dog stone

Tonight I was doing the IM thingy with my Bro Jim. Here is the exchange.


Bro J (10:49 P.M.]: "Flea Man", a new series on TV starts Friday on Natgeo. He shows people how to price stuff at flea markets

Me [10:50 P.M.]: sounds interesting - but will he inventory my garage first?

Bro J [10:51 P.M.]: that's what he's going to do for other folks

Me [10:51 P.M.]: okay dokey

Me [10:52 P.M.]: went to Waxahachie yesterday to get new tires to replace the one that blew out the day before. We ate at Ryans (another Golden Corral type)

Bro J [10:52 P.M.]: yeppirs

Me [10:52 P.M.]: one of their bits is - is they bring hot rolls to your table - unasked for - unsolicited - big ole golden topped rolls - gorgeous.

Bro J [10:52 P.M.]: Golden Corral used to do that

Me [10:53 P.M.]: Thanks to me having to limit my carb intake, I don't get to eat rolls - really, I choose to not eat a roll so I can eat other stuff = so we ended up with one extra roll -- wrapped it in a napkin or two and just took it home. It seemed like the thing to do since it would go into the trash at Ryans. Wife carried it home in her purse.

Bro J [10:53 P.M.]: wonder how many people do that?

Me [10:54 P.M.]: as you may remember, my pups Liesl and Greta sleep near and under and around our bed at night - rugs & pillows on floor are comfy

Bro J [10:54 P.M.]: I've seen little old ladies wrap pieces of meat up in napkins to take home for their next meal

Bro J [10:54 P.M.]: they try to hide it, but...

Bro J [10:54 P.M.]: yeah i remember

Me [10:55 P.M.]: at our Corsicana Sirloin Stockade one Sunday lunch, this old couple sat across from us. She went back to the counter TWICE and brought extra food to their table - which she dutifully wrapped up & took home -- two big extra loads mind you

Bro J [10:57 P.M.]: and she didn't try to hide it?

Me [10:57 P.M.]: The wife heard Liesl (she thinks) last night scratching the little rug on her side of the bed - making a nest to sleep (and no, the lady was not hiding it at all)

Me [10:58 P.M.]: This morning, my wife had to clean up a bunch of tiny tiny pieces of paper beside the bed - wanna guess why?

Bro J [10:58 P.M.]: my dogs do that all the time

Bro J [10:58 P.M.]: why

Me [10:58 P.M.]: The spouseroo forgot to remove the roll from her purse - Big L found it in the middle of the night and had a feast

Bro J [10:59 P.M.]: hilarious

Bro J [10:59 P.M.]: now that's a stone

Me [11:03 P.M.]: Watching that TRU channel TV show about dumbest whatevers - and these morons vote.


thus endeth the stone.


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