Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Band Problem

Read my first email regarding my Nephew Stephen's book.  It is worth the trip.

Started reading emails tonight.  There was a notice from my bank that I had a problem with my debit card.  They call this an email alert.  Not being anyone's foo -- I closed that message and went to the bank's website and signed in....there was the alert again on their website.

It seems that somebody has my debit card info and has used my debit card 4 times in Jamaica NY and there abouts.

TVM Jamaica NY  for $40  == I understand this is some type of transportation place.
3 different ones  from MTA Vending machines for $104 each    in  NY

The bank caught it and cancelled my debit card.  Now, I think that is pretty dang good.  Amazing even.   I will go down and get me a new card and will continue spending money.  But how did they get my stuff?  I only use the debit card at specific places.  But a couple of days ago I used it at a local jewelry shop run by a guy that must 485 years old.   He had a new machine and frankly didn't know how to use it right.  I had to teach him how to use his machine.  This could sound a bit phony.

The lady on the phone went throug the reasons like something on the front of my atm machine -- possibly someone at the bank is a crook -- and so forth.   I just don't know.  I get all my money back so I suppose all will be fine.

To get my money I do have to call the dispute dept. tomorrow sometime.  That should be fun.

late -- nighty night

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