Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Greta the snake dog again

Greta, the snake dog, has struck again.

I mowed the dog pit and other level areas up next to the house this morning. It was only 80 degrees - the wind was blowing - only had to use 2 sweat bands to finish the project.   Not too bad considering.

I had only made one small pass in the dog Pit when I upset a small copperhead - it still had its lime green tail. Before any dog saw it - the critter was stomped into the ground till he became deceased (dead for those of you who need definitions).  In case you are curious, I am a right footed snake stomper.)    I grabbed it by the tail and showed it to Oscar - he jumped back as quick and far as he could. good dog. He was bit last year.

Next Bruno had a sniff. He didn't jump back until I made loud noises and waved it in his face. He was more cautious on the 2nd sniff. He was bit last year on the nose.

Fritz was next in line. He back off too. But, he did want to take a short sniff. Fritz was bit last year.

Liesl moved up to take a gander and moved away fairly fast. She ain't nobody's fool either. Liesl was bit last year.

Greta was 30 to 40 yards away at the bottom of the hill.  She looked up and saw that snake dangling from my hands.  She made a bee-line for me and jumped up to grab it. Keeping in mind that she weighs under 10 lbs and is only 8 inches or so tall, her leap into the air didn't score a hit.  Greta followed me to the fence banging on my leg, leaping with furor - but to no avail.  The snake went over the fence - I demonstrated my empty hands to her - and she was satisfied. Greta was bit last year on the side of her tongue.
The flat areas on top of the hill were mowed.  Fired up my weed eater to clean up the area and eliminate potential snake habitats.  Not 2 minutes into the work, I looked up to see my wife bolting out of the house to grab a shovel.  Right there on the porch Greta had another of the varmits.  The snake had already been bit in semi-half at this time when I saw Greta (followed nearby by Fritz) grab and shake the snake - throwing it back to the cement. My wife was there by this time striking that copperhead over and over with the shovel.  It stopped moving.

When you see your own wife handle a shovel like that - it gives you pause about complaining about lunch - or other household matters.   One must use caution around snakes and wives.   She scooped the snake up on the shovel, and I discarded it over the fence.  Two down.

It wasn't long till BJ interrupted my weed eating for help getting a benedryl inside Greta's mouth.   Yes, BIG G was bit either on the tongue, side of her mouth, or somewhere nearby.  There was a bit of blood.  Called the vet.  BJ took her to town for an alergy type shot (see misspelling of Benedryl above) == and back to the house. Greta is resting - there is some fresh blood around her lip - she has had pain pills and other medicine.  The vet told us she'd probably be okay.

And, you know, if you put another snake down in front of her - she would attack that thing without any thought of danger. She is a midget hunter and killer of all things "not dog."  Wish I could teach her to use a shovel.

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