Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grammy Camp, Day 2

Day 2

"GRAMMY CAMP" started Yesterday. We drove 3 1/2 ++ hours to Cisco to meet son Roger/Penney at the DQ. Exchanged greetings, ate steak fingers with extra gravy, loaded up the 3 grand-dots and headed for home with only one potty break via the drive. That was good. I could have used another one, but didn't want to upset the status quo aboard the Marauder.

The kids (5, 8 & 10) took up residence & the fun began. As of this moment there have been no beatings of children. The youngest did shed a few tears over some immaterial-to-me things. Today we drove to Canton to visit Dog Town at the 1st Monday Trade Days. Looked at the puppies, rabbits, cows, horses, chickens, various unnamed birds, goats, no sheep(?), and kittens plus one cute gray sugar glider and other animals I can't remember. We had told Rog/Pen that we were going to buy him a goat . . . . But the pot bellied pigs were much cuter (humor).

Just now got in from a short walk down the road. It is still a tad warm and we didn't make one-half mile. Tomorrow = a boat ride and more snacks and sugary drinks. How Sweeeeeeeet It Tis.

Tomorrow - is day 3 - will be a minor problem. The spouse has Quilt Guild Meeting in the morning. This leaves me in charge for half day. Daughter (Aunt) Laura is being driven to Waco for me to pick up @ 2 pm. She will spend the week as the Assistant Grammy when needed. An asst. gram can be such a blessing.

We have workers who are suppose to start working (what else would workers do but work? - major stone on that subject at a later date) on our backyard retaining wall in the morning. And, G-children must be watered and fed. Since I am in charge of lunch, I project cheese sandwiches and a sugary drink. Peanut Butter is my backup plan - maybe with jelly, if requested.

Tears Explanation: Ate at Canton's Pizza Hut for lunch today after we left DOG TOWN. All of us got drinks in a glass except the youngest, Kayla. Her drink came in a small portable plastic cup - not good since all other kids had the real grownup glass. The world almost ended. I pointed out that her cup could go home with us - didn't help. We ordered a real glass & moved on. sigh. It never crossed my mind that Pizza Hut would give the youngest a different cup. I have so much to learn.

Right now the head honcho Grammy (after whom the camp is named) is making S'mores in the kitchen. I did fein tiredness - my back hurts - as to get out of creating a campfire for marshmallow cooking. Apparently it's okay.

A s'more is a s'more is a s'more.

#2 G-Kid Shelby just interrupted my musings to show me her face covered in chocolate & marshmallows. It's not "ring around the collar," it is "ring around the face. I'd send a photo but don't know how to upload here yet.

Tuesday, day 3 is coming - stay tuned.

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  1. Tis 9:30 p.m. All 3 kids are talking to their Daddy on the telephone. Penney is out with her girl friends eating. Roger is home alone. I say: The catz will play when the mice are away. Wait, that's not right. Visa Versa. Mtz