Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grammy Camp last

Grammy Camp is over - my oldest daughter Christine drove off at 8 this morning with the 3 G-Dots in town and her own 3 dogs. Just heard from her - arrived in Lubbock with minimal problems (including nobody cried on the way there). Yesterday's highlights included a trip to the play type park in is nice ... even has a firetruck ..... then we met at Sirloin Stockade (like a Golden Corral) for lunch - kids eat free on Tuesdays.

The dirt guys finally showed yesterday about 3 to work on our wall. They had first scheduled us about mid-June. Frankly, the problem, our project is not big enough. Summer is the season for them to make all their money - we weren't important enough.

The guy we are working with goes into Dallas Baylor hospital with 95% blockage in his neck - the blood thing I can't spell. All sorts of things go through my mind - like, if he dies on the operatin table - we won't get this wall finished till next July. But, that is a tad bit in bad taste to say.

The dogs cannot go outside until these guys are through - they had to remove a section of the fence. Luckily we still have the Dog Pit for bathroom breaks.

enough for now - later, mtz

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