Monday, August 2, 2010

Grammy Camp, Day 3

Day 3, Grammy Camp.

Believe this is one of the slowest days we will have.
1. Wife went to Quilt Guild in the morning while I watch the group.
2. I started feeding them lunch about 11:45; wife showed up about 11:58
3. Megan ate a leftover cheeseburger.
Shelby had a piece of cheese between 2 pieces of bread, melted in the microwave, with
tortilla chips crumbled inside
Kayla had a peanut butter sandwich with grape jelly and a piece of watermelon
4. Drove to Waco and picked up daugher Laura so she could become Asst. Grammy.
5. Played dominoes with Kayla. Played tic-tac-toe with Kayla. Taught Megan another 2 pages in her piano book. Let Shelby help me water the yard. Fussed at all three when the wouldn't quit making noise at bedtime.
6. Made an error today. I let them use my walkie-talkies, channel 8. There is a noise that can get annoying purty darn fast.
7. Let them use a portable electric keyboard with sounds and rhythms and pre-recorded music. Finally taught them where the volumn control was. That helped a bit.

Their mama called about 9 tonight. All had a satisfying conversation except Grammy. Well actualy because for and why -- Grammy had already been in bed for 30 minutes, sawing logs.

Tomorrow will be a fine day.
Maybe the dirt guys will come.
We may do the boat ride in the morning.
Girls like to drive the boat in circles.
Stay tuned for day 4.

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