Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grammy Camp, day 4

The day was not too eventful.

We have this gimmick for trying to make Grammy Camp days a bit better and different. After breakfast all 3 kids sit on the couch, & we give them one sack. Each day a different G-child gets to open the sack. The day of the week is written on the sack for clarity. Inside the sack is a "special" project or thing for that day.

Today was "Flip Flop Fun." Their Aunt Laura had found crafty flip flops at a store. They came with a printed design and marking pens to color the shoes....flip/flops. Around the kitchen table we went. Each colored her own flip flop - then, it needed to dry. Have I ever mentioned that the first flip flops in the world that I saw - were back in 1965 or 1966 (I believe that is the date - may have missed it a few years)? My mom had some that she found in California, saying that all California people were wearing them. In CA. they were known as "Go Alongs." Later as time went by, the name changed to "Thongs." I figured out in my last year of teaching that calling them thongs, yep, that was not cool. I still have trouble using the term flip-flop instead of thong. Enough of that...seemed to have flip flopped away from original subject.

Meanwhile, Laura was down on the dock fishing, catching nothing.

The Camp moved to the dock & climbed in the boat - off we went across the high seas. The plan: each g-kid would drive the boat for 10 minutes. We went fast; we went slow; we went straight; we turned to the left; we turned to the right (stand up, sit down fight, fight fight); we made circles; we made figure 8s; we made S (s). We did not hit any trees or the shore or the boat house - we didn't lose anyone on our ocean. Overall, it was a good boat ride. Tomorrow they are wanting to boat down to the bridge and circle it - 10 minutes a piece. We will see.

The guys didn't show to fix our wall again. Why should they? They have only given their word.
We have 2 people involved. One is going to provide the labor and the other the dirt & rock. So far the dirt/rock guy is okay. The labor guy has problems. You'd think a business person in the trades would treat potential customers better. Nah. I'll ramble on about this more later.

Tired of waiting, I called the dirt guy's store to ask delivery questions and payment questions. He wasn't there. But, his daughter said she would contact him & have him call. Amazingly, the labor-type guy called me within 7 minutes. Later, 30 min., the dirt guy returned my call.

My premise: daughter called daddy, daddy called labor, labor called me, labor called daddy, daddy called me....pretending no contact had been made. I hate being treated like an idiot. Within an hour, both guys showed up on my hill and planned where to put the dirt in the morning. Amazing !!!

Not much else happened at Grammy Camp. They played - they played - they played.

My wife is in the FUMC bell choir which meets on Tuesday nights. I volunteered to substitute in the group - rehearsals only - if they needed me. I went with her tonight and "Rung Them Bells." I have NO skills on bells other than being able to out sightread the whole pack. And, I fake good.

Final bit. I took the Marauder into a shop 2 weeks ago, maybe 3. The engine was not running smoothly when I accelerated. They worked on it. I drove it home and all was well. Within a week it felt like it was missing again. I drove it another couple weeks. When I drove to Waco yesterday, it was having problems. Took it back to shop this afternoon on the way to bell choir practice. I miss my Marauder.

Old Man remembering Aside: Back when I first had to take cars to mechanics, it would always cost me $100 for a repair fix. Over the years, the repair titles remained the same, but it would now cost me $200 everytime we saw the inside of a auto repair shop. My last years of teaching, I could count on a repair bill of $300 everytime. It didn't matter what was wrong, it would be $300. This Marauder's trip to the shop is it's first ever. 107K and it began to hurt. The common charge: Well, yessir, that would be $400. It shouldn't be long till the rate moves up to $500 for all repairs.

Wait, one more Grammy Camp thingy. Everyone is in bed. The girls are in bed. I heard our boy Bruno growl and bark. I got up to go keep him quiet. When I opened my computer office door I bumped into the oldest 2 girls. They were on their way to see me. Shelby had tears. Longer story short. Strange house, dark, different from Lubbock etc. she was scared. Had a vision (don't know what that means) of a bloody man...at least that is what Megan told me that Shelby had. I'm guessing ghost stories crept into our lives.

Made general fun of ghosts. Talked about Bruno would alert us if anything was wrong. Talked about black labs Sue & Heidi next door who roam the neighborhood saving us. Megan tried to help by pointing out that our house was too new to have that kind of monsters (ghosts) roaming the premises. I didn't mention that our house was probably built on an old Indian Burial ground. Sure hope she doesn't hear the ghost drums tonight. The sun will come up, and all will be well - pray no full moon tonight.

I wonder what exciting thing the daily sack will hold in the morning.
o'er & out

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