Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sat Grammy Camp

Another couple of days at Grammy Camp. Saturday is closing; another day on the back porch will start in a few short hours. We had thought about taking the girls out to Garage Sales locally, but the heat nixed that adventure. Laura & Tom are still here tonight but plan to leave tomorrow for home. Daughter Christine and her 3 dogs will be here sometime tomorrow to become Asst. Grammy. She will stay till about Wed. then drive the girls (and her 3 dogs) back to Lubbock. Thursday will be so quiet around here, it'll be like a morgue.

Took a few notes of today's activities. Fishing has been terrible. The temperatures are soaring and the fish are hiding. The water temp on the surface is in the 90s. Bought some minnows to try; didn't help. Laura let the G-kids touch the minnows this afternoon - learning experience for all. I'm sure the minnows weren't too happy about it all either.

Loaded the kids up late morning - drove to town to eat at CiCi(s) pizza...cheapest in town. That went rather well and the people behind the counter even yelled the "come back" to us as we left. Immaterial that CiCis yells it to everyone leaving. They could elect to forget, but didn't.

We visited the Corsicana Petroleum Park, which is the location of the first oil well west of the Mississippi. The kids seemed interested in the well. The park has a two hole-er wooden jail from the oil boom days. We climbed all over that and decided that staying out of jail is good. Our next stop was the chocolate factory.

Corsicana is home to Russell Stover and Whitman's Candy Factory and factory store - reduced prices....and aging products. We found plenty of chocolate to own. I was getting a dark chocolate bunny for my wife, & she made me put it back.
Home again, home again. Most of the afternoon was 2 girls on computer games and 3rd playing various games with her Aunt Laura & Uncle Tom. I read the newspaper and played with the dogs. Had hot dogs for supper. 2 out of 3 girls went for cheese sandwiches and chips instead. I didn't think anyone ever skipped out on a hot dog.

Dog Sidebar: Last fall I found the cutest dog toy. It was a rubber duck - looked a lot like a rubber chicken; however, it squawked like a duck. The best thing was it was a duck decorated like a pirate and was red/black. Being a Texas Tech person, and the Tech football coach loved pirates - and Tech is red/black - this was sooooo great. I had a Tech red and black rubber duck that squawked and looked like a pirate. When Tech's coach was fired - it took a little of the fun out of the duck. The dogs didn't mind. They love this rubber duck & it still works, sorta.

One of my year old pups, Bruno, has a strong voice. He gets bothered by stuff and barks. It can be a car driving by, a boat driving by, someone shuffling feet, a book dropped, a door closing, or a sound in the dark that only can be heard by a dog -- tonight the kids were a bit active after watching Shrek 3 and bruno started with a low growl then barked a lot. I finally held him; his ears were down and back; his tail was tucked between his legs. He was not happy with this noise. I put him in bed and completely covered him with a blanket and he settled. That dog is becoming an old man faster than his scheduled time.

I get emails from a friend, band director Bailey....he has started telling a few short stones about the starting of marching season. It has brought back many a memory of the first days of August. In some ways I am happy to be retired and gone from the hot days and long band trips - but I miss it too. I wish there were a way to do all that stuff when I feel like it & skip it on days I'd rather stay home. Don't suggest being a substitute -- as my wife has always said: being a substitute is like traveling 3rd class in Bulgaria.

One last Grd-Dot stone from Grammy Camp. The youngest is 5. In our bathrooms we have Febreze Spray restomg on the back of each toilet - to be used if necessary. Last fall when the kids were here, I finally hid the spray. Our bathrooms were reeking of aroma; an aromatic cloud floated in each room. Now that she is a bit older, the spray can has stayed out. Only sometimes does the sweet smell of success roam the house....if you get my drift.
More later, Mtz

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