Thursday, August 5, 2010

grammy camp cont. 5

I do so hope you ( ooo ooo 4 words in a row using the letter "O" - if'n I could speak Spanish, I might have written, " Yo Do So Hope You..." - thus have five words, or if'n I were of Biblical times "I do so hope thou...." but I degress. I do so hope this edition does not become too involved for thou-s to follow. It has been an interesting 2 days at camp and living off the backporch.

Yesterday: Camp was nothing special. The sack present/game for the day was called Monster-ology .. which Laura (LJ) took them through. Have they played it again since then? Nope. Bought it at Atwoods Store for $13.

Today's sack was a finger painting kit. They were through with that in less than fifteen. I don't think any have finished their flip=flop=fun from Tuesday. Nobody asked, but I will tell anyway. I hate Disney TV with all those stupid shows of pretend high school kids having issues. School is not like that & I believe little kids thrive on that junk.

Two loads of washed rock and one of back fill soil have been delivered in 2 days. Work on the wall awaits. It really is an issue. The homeowners have a rule of 40,000 lbs per delivery, and rock must come before 11 a.m. He showed yesterday at 10:50. Our roads are sick in this development. Too much weight will make the roads really bad - no, wait, they already are really bad. Try WORSER. When someone brings a load of rock, how do you really know how much you are getting? 6 yards, 7 yards, 10 yards, a dollar. You are at their mercy.

The Marauder went into the shop and is still there. As of 6 p.m. yesterday, the problem was not identified. I called at 6 today with the same results. But, good news, the cylinders have great compression. Tomorrow Maybe.

Laura has been fishing. I have gone down a few times and helped. We threw out a line with 5 hooks tied to the dock. Later I went down and rebaited same. If you have read previous blogs, you know that Heidi and Sue (black labs) live next door and roam the neighborhood at will - this includes the dock. I took my 5 hooks and put on bait. Heidi was asleep over there. I stepped away from the hooks to get a knife. When I moved 5 ft from the line, Heidi jumped up and ate one of the hooks.....I didn't see her do it, but I heard a noise.

I moved as fast as I could and got her away from the other bait. She had chewed through the line and swallowed a treble hook with bait in one gulp. i didn't see it happen, but I just knew she had had a feast. I loved her and called her mom, our neighbor Lelanie. Long story short. They operated on Heidi this afternoon. She is 9 yrs old. It was not considered to be a safe operation. The X-ray showed the hook, bait still attached in the stomach. Ethically, what is my financial responsibility in this?

Aside note: Several months ago, I was working in the garage and Heidi came in with a piece of string hanging from her mouth. There was foaming. I pried the mouth open to see a large fish hook embedded in her tongue. I called Lelanie. That operation cost them over $200. Heidi is such a sweet dog. This just tears me up.

A few weeks ago, I bought squares of St. Augustine grass. I water them often. Today I decided to do it again. On this lake you can pay a $100 and pump all the water out of the lake that you might want. I paid; I pump. Other than the cost of electricity, that is free water.
I started pumping and squirting. Down below the fence, I rounded a tree and water was bubbling up from the ground. This means the septic system has a break in it. It must be dug up and fixed....soon.
Called the septic system. No return call yet. This is not a bad thing - expensive perhaps, but not bad. With the aerobic system, the water is suppose to be clean when it hits the field. While it may seem yucky, it is not a health hazzard unless Heidi's mom doesn't like sewer water floating nearby.

I am tired of this blog. Wait till you read the next one.

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