Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Stone - wall

Some things become a ramble. We can all pray this one does not for this has been one busy week. Do it by the numbers - whatever I forget will be in next blug - which, may, is actually he first one you would read before this unless you read this one first...but, wait, I ramble.

1. To build our house, over 100 truckloads of dirt was brought in. Our lot is a slope. Little did I know how much a slope. Little did I know how much dirt would be needed. The Back of the house had to be leveled about 9-10 feet or more to be equal with the front, which, naturally, they raised anyway. Builders seem to like raising house off the ground.
2. So the back of the house has a slope wilder than the original. As you may know, if a house is on a hill, it could slide into the lake. Thus, we built a retaining wall. In July, 09, my chillun helped me lay the brick. We spent a long time, a llllooooonnnnnnggggg hot time moving these bricks and laying them. Once the brick is laid there is a void behind the wall that must have rock and dirt poured.
My wife figured (correctly I might add) that I was too old to move that much dirt and rock by wheelbarrow. I was willing to try. It was not to be. In January, I contacted the guy who brought dirt for my house. He talked good on the phone; but, never showed. Last February we contracted with this nice young couple to do the work with a machine. They were so nice. Months later, it became apparent they would not do the job. They had contracted to do the landscape, site prep for Corsicana's new picture movie house. And, then, it began to rain. The first of May - after I re-called them - it was decided I should move on. They gave me a name and they called him. That guy never called me. I called him; wasn't home. Never called me back. I contacted a guy on the west side of Corsicana who said his son would call me. Never happened. Didja think it would. Don't be naive.
Finally, I went back to the phone book. This guy came over. We sat on the back porch; it was the middle of May. The man's mom (he is 50 or 60 or so) was the elementary music teacher in Itasca for years. He was once on the school board of our local school, Mildred. Everything was fine. He gave us a price and said, "We will do it in 3 days, middle of June."
Well, of course not. I suppose I called every week from Mid-June and was led on each time. It reminds me a bit of Charlie Brown kicking the football. The day finally came that I called and said that our relationship was over. They were here within in a week - well that's not quite the truth. They had dirt delived on a Monday (dirt guy showed on Tuesday) - and Thursday. Workers came here a couple days later at 4 in the afternoon.
All of this whining. The wall was finished today - it was done correctly - gorgeous dirt - went ahead and had them put a drain line in to carry water from the front of the house to the lake. I am so glad it is over.
That exhausted me to write. Guess I will save the other stones for later: like 2 septic system leaks - Heidi ate fishing hook - cutting neighbor's phone like accidentally while running line - went to Austin & worked for a couple days in the UT Stadium - my license plate cover - light for the motorhome - gasket for boat motor - Heidi and lunch ---- oh, it goes on and on.
Later guys,

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