Friday, July 30, 2010

Puppets and tinker toys

a memory stone of little value:

I am slowly cleaning out boxes in garage. Someday I intend to be able to park a car in the garage. Today i opened a box that had....

Our old tinker toys in a round cardboard container.

4 ink drawings that my mom drew of a little boy playing different music instruments

a picture of an actual cowboy band from Dodge city kansas -- old horns (a reproduction for sure - but interesting to see)

and, the purpose of this memory, a puppet.

It was a cloth puppet, stuffed, poorly made with strings attached to all areas. the strings werre attached to two small sticks.

As a child (5th grade time) we lived in Odessa,
we were in the scouts.
When we lived in Odessa,
we went to the YMCA.
We were taught all forms of little crafts and fun things that kids get to do. I remember a deal where we worked with sheets of copper and created pictures. My 6th grade brother Jim probably could remember other things we enjoyed crafting.

But we made a puppet. I'm sure mom made the puppet on her sewing machine with my observations. My puppet was a little white dog. This dog looked a bit like a dachshund, if you can use your imagination a lot. it even had a red mouth made with thread. As you pulled on a string, that leg moved or the tail wiggled or even the ears flopped. I could make the ears move up and down singularly or dually. I was a talented twirp.

Well, not all quite true. To make the ears go down, we sewed metal nuts under the ears. If you could see the dog, you would know that we were not too concerned with classy, as the nuts are visible and quite large for the size of the puppet.

I mentioned finding my puppet to Jim and he even remembers the bit. Jim had made a little boy puppet. He says he might still have his puppet somewhere in his house. I hope so, cause we need to put on a show. He made people laugh when he made the puppet lift his knees and prance about.

At one point in our production, he chases my dog, but I turn around, start barking, and chase him off the stage to thunderous laughter. Oh, yes, show business is in my blood.

that's it.
I don't know what to do with the tinker toys. They belonged to my oldest brother Marshall originally but were handed down over the years. I spent many a day, creating things with the tinker toys. Jim did too.

Well memory is over.

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