Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 6th

July 6th - where do I begin - I know - start from the beginning. It's a very good place to start. Do Re Mi
1. busy day.
2. Up before 8; ate breakfast; went into the backyard and planted the last 3 pieces of St. Augustine - back up to house about 8:30, wringing wet; BJ was out front watering the new grass & pulling weeds from flower garden; did the shower & other traditional morning events; came out and said, "I'm ready; let's go."
3. Bren came inside, changed shoes, took dogs out back for one last wetting, gave a cookie to each as we prepared to leave. Fritz loves cookies. Y'know that boy seems to know when we are leaving. He starts talking to us - it is his appeal for another cookie. I don't know how they know things.
4. I climbed into the little Ford Sport & she into the Marauder - up the hill we went. We parked the Sport at the highway gas station & I piled into the Mar. We drove to the motorhome storage & I picked it up. (following all of this?) We drove the Winnie to the Big H tire store where they had one tire waiting for us.
The motorhome has not been inspected since Feb., 2009. When I took it in, the guy wouldn't do it because of the 4 inch gash on the left rear tire. He didn't even charge me. So, I finally found someone in Corsicana who changes motorhome tires, apparently this is major work. I ordered one tire last Thursday. It came in.
Now I am aware that I opened myself up to abuse - tires have a life span of 5 to 7 years, then, dry rot settles in. It is a 2004 home, 6 plus years on the tires. I told the guy to check them out. When Big H checked them out, he told me to not put my tire on the ground. The other 5 all have dry rot on the sidewalls. If I put one new tire on, it won't make much difference cause the others are going to blow out on the highway.
I bought into the concept and ordered the other tires. I hate spending money on that motorhome. It is a money pit right now. So I left the motorhome & key.
5. Back we drove to the gas station and picked up the Sport. I drove the Marauder to Dowd and Sons Auto Salvage. Nope I wasn't getting rid of the car. The driver's window won't move. And there is a chip in the windshield. Dowd does all of that stuff. Recently he worked on the electric seat on the Sport - and it was cheap. He fixed the window for $138, including parts ($83 motor at Ford house). He fixed the chip for $32. State Farm gave me a reimbursement for that.
We dropped off the Marauder between 10 & 10:30. It was ready by 1. Remarkable.

6. Left Dowd's and visit the local farmer's market where cucumbers were King - and tomatoes - and some field peas ready to be shelled. One guy had a few black diamond watermelons. We bought one. I pointed out to him (he was jolly) how small the melon was. He said it is a B.D. variety which make 5 to 7 melons per vine. the bigger ones only get 3 melons per vine. I told him that it was good for the merchant. He agreed and took my dough.
That's enough for today. We snapped peas this afternoon; they were good. Picked up the Marauder & stopped at the Salvation Army.
7. You may remember that mother gave me that Baldwin Organ which won't fit in my house. I have been trying to find a nice home for it. The Sal Army has a new local leader. She was excited. The Captain plays organ but they have none in their church. If all goes well, the Organ will find a home tomorrow in the local Salvation Army. I am pleased. Surely Mom would be pleased.
8. One last time: Happy birthday to son Roger. 7/7/70

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