Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Roger's 40th

First of all, a Happy Birthday message to Roger. 7/7/70 -- 40 years and it is just like it was yesterday ( that he was 39 ).

I remember the day he was born; I wasn't there. I was home in Ardmore babysitting the two girls. Bren's mom was at the hospital. I got to go up later.
Years ago they did not have a shot for neutralizing the positive versus negative blood thing. Seems my blood is positive and BJ's is negative. We were unaware of the problem during the girl's births. The doctors never once thought that our blood differences would make a difference.

But, the guys in Ardmore figured it out. Wife had to go to doctor's office several time and have fluid removed ( long needle through the stomach ) from the place where babies grow - trying to think of the name - embriotic embryotic embryo place.

The doctors were ready when Roger was born - a helicopter was standing by to fly him to Okla City. Well, it turned out he didn't get to fly in the helicopter. They put him under sun lamps to help the yellowing & all worked out. Yes, those were the days.

I was so naive and stupid, I never really understood the severity of the situation. Guess I have always been out of touch.

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