Saturday, July 17, 2010


We have lived in Corsicana off and on for over 2 years.

For those who don't know the town, Hwy 31 runs through the center of town. About everything you will need is on that one drag. But the town is much larger than that.

We had a revelation. We don't know the town at all except for Hwy 31. So created a plan. On weekends we take the newspaper and make all of the garage sales in town. . . . don't buy anything to speak of, just make all of the sales - get to know the physical side of the town. It is amazing what we didn't know.

Found 2 big ole houses today surrounded by big fences and with Texas Historical recognition.
Last week found a one block square cemetary in the middle of houses, created during the Civil War - really old looking tombstones.
Found a biz that sells Kolaches.
Found Petroleum Park - has a oil derrick - and the notation of the first productive oil well west of the Mississippi. Interesting little park. For those who don't know, some guys were drilling for water and hit oil. It made them mad. They finished the water well. This was the first oil well west of the Mississippi. Guess I already said that.

I did find a couple of stuffed animals that I bought for a quarter. My dogs loved the present.

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