Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday - today

this is a pot pouring:
I have no desire to fill this with my mundane events. Nobody cares that I got up this morning at 8:15 - took the dog out - ate cereal for breakfast -- and watched Regis & Kelly for a while. If this is an exciting blog with that type of info, you need more excitement than I can give you.

Our house is built on a hill. Little did I know when we bought the vacant lot that my hill was as much a hill as it is. It is not / but sometimes it seems close to that. To try & stop erosion & the house slipping down the hill into the lake, I have been building retainer walls with the help of my kids when they visit and we all get energetic. This past week I have been trying to complete the one in the front. Friday I noticed that a 6 ft section wiggled in the breeze - so I pushed. Yep, it fell. Today I started over in that section. Even though it is spring, that is hot work, plus I have to carry those retainer wall blocks & position them. sympathy would be nice. I have 2 ft left to finish.

Next comes filling in behind the walls with rock & dirt & grass & French drain. I thinks about this a lot.

FYI: Camo plastic Easter eggs are on for half-price at Wal Mart.

When we retired, I knew that staying in the Austin area would not be fun. It was so very busy. I needed another place & we began looking at lake property. When you are raised in the Panhandle, places of water have drawing power. So we sold the house & moved into the motorhome to scan the state. It didn't take many visits to Realtors to figure out we were in over our heads looking at lake homes around Austin. Them thar folks are proud of their properties.

So we started visiting other lakes. As an example: Cedar Creek lake up at Gun Barrel City had lots of homes - but they were most junky. One place had gas lines running throughout the house across the floor. You tripped over the gas lines walking from room to room. /Finally we drove around Richland-Chambers Lake near Corsicana. The lots were the cheapest in the state that we found....& we could have a boat dock. Lakes belonging to the Corps of Engineers cannot have docks. We built a house & have tried to settle in. That is the end of this stone.

short Sue stone (see previous blog about Sue) today we moved a pile of dirt and found a buried small football. Sunday there was an apple setting in the middle of the road.

more tomorrow maybe


  1. Now I want to see pictures of the wall, the football and the apple.

  2. i am photo challenged -- will try to do all in near future