Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is from aol startup - welcome screen. Tuesday.
So, I know that my son Roger & bro Jim are Leo(s) -- Anyone else. Anyone a Taurus? Once owned a Taurus = loved that car. First car I ever had that went 100,000 miles without a tuneup or ANY -- ANYANYANY repair. Loved that car. Then I had that Mercury Marquis that ran fer-ever.

Now, let's be clear (to quote dingbat) = if y'all like this Horoscope stuff and think it is importantly valid - I will try to not make fun. Every since I read a horoscope that proclaimed me as the next athletic star - well, let's get serious here. Is Horoscope derived from Horrorscopes. Nevermind.

Full Moon Tonight Could Be a 'Powder Keg'

Getty Images (they had a photo of the moon on the welcome screen)

Leo, family & work demands come to a head tonight. And Taurus may want to avoid your partner or risk a big fight. See lunar impact on your horoscope


Luckily my wife and I are Virgo and Scorpio - we're good people. mtz

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  1. I am a Leo (the best people are, you know) Seems family and work demands DID come to a head, but, being the dynamic and wonderful Leo that I am, I was able to resolve all issues, if not to the satisfaction of all concerned, then enough that I was able to relax and watch movie. My very wonderfully well balanced Libra hubby was just delighted that I handled everything, and he didn't have to.